Couple Sues Pokémon GO & Demands Profits From the Game


Last Updated on 2016-09-21 , 12:39 pm

It’s just a matter of time before this happens.

Over in the US at Michigan, a couple from St. Clair Shores, Scott Dodich and Jayme Gotts-Dodich, has got enough of Pokémon GO: They’re suing Niantic Inc. and Nintendo Co., the owners of Pokémon GO, for allegedly disturbing the peace in the area.

The Dodichs live near the area, and in their lawsuit, they complained of numerous Pokémon GO players hiding near the bushes, and even peering into their window. The players were aggressive enough to scold them when Mrs Dodich requested a player to leave the premises.

The area, according to the Dodichs, used to be a quiet street. The Pokémon GO craze has turned the street “into a nightmare”, and people have been parking illegally and trespassing into the gardens.

Doesn’t that just remind us Singaporeans of Hougang?

Prior to suing, the Dodichs have exhausted all means of removing the Pokestops and gyms near their homes by contacting Niantic, and even emailed the CEO of Niantic directly. They received genetic canned replies but no removal of the Pokestops and gyms.

Niantic and Nintendo have yet to respond to media enquiries.

What’s interesting is that the couple is not just seeking a ban on the park: they’re also seeking monetary damages, not just for them but for anyone who has also faced this “unfortunate occurrence”.

Hougang Blk 401 residents, what say you?

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