PAP Minister’s Private Conversation About Covid-19 in Closed-Door Session Leaked To The Public

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Wait, leaked?!

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What did he say? Is it about the Budget 2020? Or is it something…incriminating?


PAP Minister’s Private Address About Covid-19 Situation in Singapore

Chan Chun Sing is a Singapore politician that most Singaporeans are familiar with. After all, who could forget Mr “Kee Chiu”?

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He is currently the Minister for Trade and Industry, which isn’t a great position to be in due to the Covid-19 outbreak.

The recording was allegedly made at this Closed Door Dialogue.

According to what we know, the recording was made by a grassroots member.

It has since circulated among various group chats.

Not Meant For Public’s Ears

According to someone who’s been into Minister Chan’s closed-door dialogue session, the minister is prepared to have a “no-holds-barred” conversation with participants.

He won’t sugarcoat his words and is ready to answer any questions participants might have.

The only caveat? No reporting, no leaks.

Trust and confidentiality will be critical in sharing such sensitive matters in closed-door sessions.

Unfortunately, this one did. Leak, I mean.

“I Need To Ask You All To Do This.”

In the recording, Minister Chan Chun Sing could be heard appealing to these people.

He asked for business leaders and owners to not just think of the present, but for the future.

He told them not to sack employees simply because of the current Covid-19 outbreak.


Instead, make use of this chance to train them, he said. So that when things recover, they’ll rise up even stronger than ever.

He confidently said that the government is prepared to help.

You can hear the recording below:


Busy Days Ahead For MTI Chan Chun Sing

Based on his Facebook page, he has been pretty busy these past few days, running around to meet with the various business owners and leaders.


Due to Covid-19, businesses in many industries, not just hospitality, has suffered.

Drivers are seeing a huge cut to their daily earnings. Shopping malls are emptier.

Government Will Help

To help tide over this crisis, the government has activated not just physical, but financial aid to Singaporeans.

Some of these aids will be revealed in today’s Budget 2020, according to Finance Minister Heng Swee Keat.

Aid to businesses includes giving them help in the form of wage support and assistance in upgrading employees.


Households will also be given financial aid as well.

Is This On Purpose?

There are some who wondered, was this leaked on purpose? Just like how smartphone companies leak their specs to gauge the public response?

One thing I can say lah, whether it’s leaked on purpose on not, it doesn’t matter.

What really matters is we’re in the middle of a crisis and we’re not left to fend for ourselves. 

So leaked on purpose or not, we can at least take comfort in this, don’t we?


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