Creator of ‘Crying in a Puddle’ Meme Dies at Age 29 Due to Cancer


If you have access to the internet and aren’t a social recluse, you would’ve probably stumbled upon this meme on your Facebook or Instagram feed at some point.

Image: Pinterest

Memes make the world go round due to their humorous and relatable nature, but we often forget that behind every meme is an artist who created it.

Today, I have the displeasure of announcing the death of the artist behind this popular meme.

Image: Tenor

Qinni was the artist behind this meme depicting someone lying in a puddle of tears.

Unfortunately, she passed away on 10 February after battling cancer.

Image: Twitter (QinniArt)

Qinni was a 29-year-old Canadian who was diagnosed with Stage 4 Fibrosis Sarcoma cancer. She took to Twitter back in December 2019 to share her diagnosis.

She also posted updates about her health with her followers.

Image: Twitter (QinniArt)

Doctors informed her that she only had a year or a year and a half to live. Unfortunately, her health worsened quickly and faster than expected.

Image: Instagram (Qinniarta)

She succumbed to the illness earlier than expected, shocking her followers.

But her situation is more complicated than that. Prior to the cancer diagnosis, Qinni was put through open-heart surgery four times before she was diagnosed with cancer.

She turned to art to distract herself from the pain.


Turned To Art

Qinni had shared several of her works on DeviantArt since 2008. One of her famous works is this, which sparked “galaxy freckles” makeup trend.

Image: Instagram (Qinniarta)

She also expressed her pain from cancer and heart problems through numerous artwork as an outlet.

Image: Instagram (Qinniarta)
Image: Instagram (Qinniarta)

This piece of news is truly heartbreaking but at the very least we can rest assured that her memory will live on through her art.

We offer our heartfelt condolences to Qinni’s family and loved ones.

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