Mercs Driver Allegedly Sped Off With $334.50 Worth of Live Seafood Without Paying


Making a living in Singapore can be very hard, especially if you run a business yourself. Once in a while you would experience some hiccups and one of them are customers who refuse to pay.

Recently Ms Tan, a restaurant owner in Singapore, experienced this situation when a customer left with $334.50 worth of seafood without paying.

Seafood Restaurant at Bartley

According to Shin Min Daily News, this incident happened on the evening of 19 Sep at Morning Catch Seafood located at New Industrial Road.

Ms Tan said that she was not around when the incident happened and only got to know about it from one of her staff members later on.

The customer allegedly bought three lobsters, nine abalones, nine mantis shrimps, and one flower crab that weighs 1kg.

All of these adds up to $334.50, which the customer told the staff that he would pay Ms Tan directly as the customer said he knew her.

Customer Left in a Hurry

Feeling suspicious, the staff tried to get the customer’s phone number and personal information. However, the customer left in a rush, citing that he needed to be somewhere.

The only thing that the staff manage to get was a picture of the customer’s vehicle prior to his departure.

Ms Tan further mentions that she was not able to find any contact information of that specific customer on her phone.

“I will not tell my customers to come directly to the restaurant to pick up the goods and leave without paying,” says Ms Tan.

To rub salt to the wound, Ms Tan explains that because the customer’s vehicle was parked in the security camera’s blind spot, they could not find an image of the customer’s face.

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Waited Five Days Before Making Police Report

According to Ms Tan, she waited five days for the customer to return and make payment as she thought that the customer just simply forgot to pay.

However, as her patience grew smaller, the restaurant owner decided to take action and filed a police report in hopes of getting her payment.

She adds that this is the first time such an incident occurred to her and that even though $334.50 may seem like a small amount to some, every dollar still counts for a small business.

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Featured Image: Shin Min Daily News