Cyclist Dismounts & Parks Bicycle in the Middle of the Road After Being Honked At


If there’s one thing I’d choose to complain about this island, it’s the driving culture here.

(I’ve lost count the number of times I almost got ran over simply due to impatient drivers who run the red light.)

But one driver has the Internet torn over his actions when he honked at a cyclist for an extended period of time for changing lanes without checking first.

Prolonged Honking at Cyclist

In a video posted on to Facebook group, SG Road Vigilante, a driver was heard honking at a food delivery rider who was cycling in front of him.

Both the cyclist and driver were in the same lane located in Sengkang.

The cyclist got off shortly after the honking continued and actually dismounted in the middle of the lane.

He later gestured at the driver and appeared to be challenging the driver to try if they could cycle any faster on the road.


The stand-off ended shortly after the cyclist made a rude gesture to the driver before getting on his bike again in the lane.

Overtook Bus Earlier

The cyclist was behind the double-decker bus featured in the video before the honking started.

In an attempt to overtake the bus, the cyclist started to cut into the right-most lane.

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This is where the honking starts as the cyclist veered towards the driver, gesturing aggressively to signal his attempt to cut into the driver’s lane.


If driver had not been paying attention, the cyclist could easily been hit.

Netizens Reactions

Surprisingly, many voiced their irritation at the driver’s behaviour instead.

Some expressed that the driver should be more patient and tolerant of the cyclist’s behaviour.

“The cyclist is just trying to make a living. We should be more patient and forgiving,” said one comment.

Another user agreed that the cyclist was wrong for not checking before attempting to cut into the driver’s lane. But they felt that drivers “should look out for more vulnerable road users.”

Road Laws and Cyclists

It remains unclear if the cyclist was using a personal mobility device (PMD) in the video.

Since 2019, the use of PMDs are banned on roads and expressways in Singapore.

Under the Active Mobility Act (AMA), PMDs must not be used on road, footpaths, or pedestrian-only paths.

Those found guilty can be fined up to $2,000 and/or jailed up to three months.

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Featured Image: Facebook (SG Road Vigilante)


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