Cyclist Allegedly Slapped Hearing-Impaired Woman at Sengkang ‘Coz She Didn’t Give Way

While mild altercations may take place between cyclists and pedestrians from time to time, we’ve probably never seen a case of someone slapping the other party because they didn’t hear something that the perpetrator said.

Until a few days ago, that is.

Yesterday (28 March) night, Facebook user Honey Soo posted about her encounter with a cyclist near Sengkang East Way, beside Sengkang Hospital, in the SG PCN Cyclist Facebook group.

The encounter took place on 26 March at around 9 am.

And that cyclist was…not very polite, to say the least.

Was Unable to Hear Cyclist’s Bell Due to Hearing Impairment

In her post, Soo explained that she was walking with her husband along the footpath adjacent to Sengkang East Way.

Due to her hearing impairment, Soo was unable to detect the sound of a bell from a cyclist behind her. She only moved to the left when her husband asked her to do so.

After she gave way to the cyclists, she noted that there was a female cyclist who rode past first, “followed by a male cyclist on a bright orange Trek Marlin mountain bike”.

“The male cyclist stared at us in an unfriendly manner and muttered what sounded like a vulgarity. He kept turning his head back to stare at us as he continued riding forward towards Sengkang East Road before stopping at the traffic junction of Sengkang East Way with Sengkang East Road,” she added.

Ended Up at the Same Traffic Light Again

Afterwards, the couple ended up at the same traffic junction as the cyclist again.

While the couple was waiting for the traffic light to turn green, they decide to keep their distance from the cyclist. However, he “continued to stare aggressively” at them and suddenly shouted, “Don’t know how to give way is it?”

Couple Explained that They Gave Way Once They Realised

In response to the man’s rude comment, the couple explained to him that they had given way earlier once they noticed that there was a cyclist ringing their bell.

They also brought up the fact that Soo has a hearing impairment, which causes her to be less sensitive to the noises around her.

However, the man continued scolding the couple, which led to Soo taking her mobile phone out to record his verbal abuse.

Man Slapped Soo

Out of nowhere, the man allegedly raised his hand and slapped Soo on the cheek, which later turned red.

The malicious deed was seen by both the people who were at the traffic island, as well as those who were making their way across the junction towards the couple’s direction.

After being hit by the man, Soo asked “why he hit a woman in broad daylight and told him not to leave” as she was going to call the police.

Upon hearing that, the man attempted to escape by cycling across the junction, even though the traffic lights “were not in his favour”.

Passers-By Tried to Help Stop Man From Escaping

Even though the man’s behaviour was clearly unruly, there were helpful bystanders who tried their best to help the situation.

“Thankfully, a middle-aged Indian couple with a young daughter and a young Malay man who had seen what happened, tried to prevent him from leaving while my husband who also stood in front of his bicycle in case even though my husband is nursing an injury,” Soo recounted in her post.

Despite this, the cyclist was not deterred. He rode his bicycle right into Soo’s husband abruptly before attempting to escape again.

Soo phoned the police while the Indian couple tried to restrain him, but the man sneered at them, saying that “call police also no use as the police can’t do anything to him”.

Once the lights turned green, the man managed to break free and “sped off across the junction before turning left in the direction towards Punggol”.

Soo and her husband chased after him and tried to get a few bystanders to try and help stop him as well. A Chinese man who was jogging in the area gave chase as well, but Soo and her husband “lost sight of them around Block 261”.

Thereafter, the couple headed down to Sengkang NPC immediately to file a police report, even though the police were unable to track the man down.

Details About the Man and How to Help

At the end of her post, Soo asked for anyone who “had witnessed the incident or know this person” to get in touch with Sengkang NPC by dialling 1800-343-8999.

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Soo also included details about the man that she was able to note down.

“The assailant is a Malay man in his late 30s/early 40s, around 170+ cm tall with a tanned complexion. He was wearing a black long-sleeved “Camel Smokercross” cycling jersey, orange sports sunglasses and a white “British Cycling” balaclava. He is likely a resident of Sengkang/Punggol,” she wrote.

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Featured Image: Honey Soo / Facebook