Damn Worth It’s Iconic Tianzu Has Left The Page

If you’re someone who has been paying attention to the food scene in Singapore for a long time, you’d have realised something.

No, not Michelin Stars given to hawker food.

And no, it’s not how food is getting pricier nowadays.

It’s the sudden surge of food videos online.

Back in the days, we only had a couple of well-known sites like Lady Iron Chef, I Eat And Shoot, and Daniel Food Diary.

But today, there’s countless more.

And one such star that rose up quickly among them is the Facebook page, Damn Worth it.

Damn Worth It, The Team That Looks For Cheap Yet Good Food

Okay, here’s a disclaimer: not all the food they recommend belongs to the cheap category.

But you got to admit that compared to the likes of Danielfooddiary and Sethlui, the offerings by Damn Worth It might seem cheap in comparison.

Not that that’s a bad thing.

I mean, not all of us can afford restaurants every single meal, right?

But here’s one other possible reason for their quick rise to success:

Image: goodfoodeveryday.sg

This dude.

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If you’ve been following Damn Worth It videos, there’s no way you’ll miss this dude, known as Tianzu Ng.

He’s well-known for his iconic belly-rubs (his own, not rubbing other people’s belly) and thumbs up.

That and his expression every time he eats.

Love him or hate him, you cannot help but be fascinated by the way he eats. Which, by the way, makes you wonder if the food is really that good.

Then, you’ll bite the bait and go for it.

However, you won’t get to see him anymore.

On 25 Dec 2017, Jazz Robert Ng, the founder of Damn Worth it posted an announcement on his Facebook page.

Image: Facebook

He announced that with one more Like, their Facebook page will have 100k likes.

At the last sentence, he thanked Tianzu Ng for his hard work and credited the success of Damn Worth It to him.

He also mentioned that Tianzu has left the page by “wishing him all the best for his future”.

Tianzu was a co-founder of the Facebook page but left the company after one year to “pursue something new”.

A day later, it was officially announced in their Facebook Page:

So, the question is, with the iconic figure gone, who will take his place?

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Image: goodfoodeveryday.sg