Former Twelve Cupcakes Owner Daniel Ong Has Started Yet Another Eatery, His 6th So Far

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Daniel Ong, the founder of Twelve Cupcakes, is now embarking on his sixth F&B venture.

Here’s what Estuary has to offer.

“Pescatarian Haven”?

Ong is starting Estuary, located at Palais Renaissance in Orchard.

It is an oyster bar and “pescatarian haven”. You can expect to find vegetarian options there too, as it promises “next level [vegetables]”.

You can also expect to try some fine wine, cocktails, and craft beers as well.

You can view their menu here, but prices are not yet listed on the website.

The restaurant’s head chef is Polo Seah, the Group Executive Chef of Jigger and Pony Group. A chef with 15 years of experience, he specialises in seafood and grilled greens.

We don’t have a specific opening date for the restaurant yet, but it should be open by end-May.

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Ex-Owner of Twelve Cupcakes, Started Multiple Restaurants

Before this new F&B venture, Ong was perhaps most well-known as the former owner of Twelve Cupcakes.

In 2011, he founded the dessert store with ex-wife Jamie Teo. They sold it to an Indian tea company for $2.5 million in end-2016.

However, in 2021, Ong was fined $65,000 for underpaying and failing to pay the salaries of seven employees, This happened when he was still a director at the company.

Teo and Ong have since said that it was a third-party employment agency hired by their HR director that was responsible for the crime.

Since Twelve Cupcakes, Ong has gone on to start multiple restaurants, including Rookery, Mischief, and Dan’s Steaks. He also started the craft beer brand Brewlander with other business partners.

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