1 of the Main Reasons Why Dee Kosh’s Saga is More ‘Serious’ Than Other Influencers’ Saga

Back in 2018, when the Eden Ang saga broke the Internet, the mob mentality to “cancel” him was so strong, the man disappeared from the Internet overnight, leaving many of his verified social media accounts dead.

Months later, another high-profile influencer, Daryl Aiden Yeow, became the most Googled Singaporean as well after he was caught misleading his fans with stock images and claiming them to be taken by him. He went radio silent for a while, but came back stronger—the photographer now has more followers and his account was verified with a blue tick shortly after the saga.

In the last few years, there have been even more “influencer sagas”—so much so that you’d wonder if any of them are staged so as to gain publicity.

So when the Dee Kosh saga occurred last weekend, some of us would be thinking, “Okay, another saga. Who’d be next?”

That’s a logical thought if you’ve not been following Dee Kosh’s contents.

But if you have…let’s just say that this would not be just any saga.

It’d be the mother of all influencer sagas, and here’s why.

Dee Kosh: Calling Out Sagas and Influencers As Part of his Contents

The subheading would’ve provided the context, but here are a few examples lest you’re a boomer who only knows about sagas involving Andy Hui or Carrie Wong.

During the Eden Ang saga, Dee Kosh didn’t just call him out; he posted a few videos and Instagram posts, and even provided some new evidence about the saga:

He was so passionate about it, he even challenged him to respond.

During the Daryl Aiden Yeow saga, he was less aggressive but still provided his opinion.

The man also did a video with XiaXue, and “call out” influencers that might have fake followers based on Social Blade graphs:

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During the Preetipls saga, he gave his take as well:

But other than that, he’s been calling out many other sagas, some which don’t involve influencers. For example, he spoke to Temasek Poly’s Bumblebee.

He also called out people like the admins from Nasi Lemak Telegram Group, and even did a social experiment about mob mentality by triggering the BTS army intentionally.

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And with that, he has an annual video series whereby he lists down the “top 10 idiots” of the year in Singapore:


Was it all bad?

No. In fact, they were all good contents if you bother to watch them all.

Good Contents Filled with Logical Arguments

Here’s the thing: all those videos are done extremely well, and each point he made would’ve made any GP teacher in JC proud. Unlike any Facebook user who argued with “you vote for this”, Dee Kosh doesn’t just rant; he’d explain his “anger” with logic.

Which means if you’re a fan, you might just idolise him because he’s the “police” on the Internet, calling out people who’ve done wrong with evidence and good explanations.

Whether it’s for the views or not isn’t important here, since he’s not just blabbering but with logical argument, much like XiaXue (agree to disagree).


And by now, you should see the problem.

The person who called out others, usually “passionately” because he felt passionate about it, is now being called out.

The correct phrase is “pot calling the kettle black”, but let’s not go there yet because he’s innocent until proven guilty.

As someone who’s watched almost all his videos, I’d be the first to admit that I found it hard to believe it was true, and before he apologised, I was still certain that it’d be a social experiment.

I mean, we’re talking about “a saint committing crime here.”


This explains why memes like this are popping out everywhere…

…though some of you might not know that Eden Ang isn’t the only person he’s called out.

How is this going to pan out? Would he become an Eden Ang, or would he do a Daryl Aiden Yeow?

At this moment, brands appear to have distanced from him, with one of them even adding that they “do not tolerate harassment of any sort.”


NOC, another popular local YouTube channel where Dee Kosh appears regularly as well, hasn’t responded to the whole saga but netizens have noticed that he’s no longer listed as a “Partner” in NOC’s website, but just as an “Actor / Host”.

He’s also now on leave from his radio station pending investigations, with them saying that the station “does not tolerate any form of harassment.”

And to add on, the police are also conducting investigations as multiple police reports have been made against him.


As a fan—ex-fan, I mean—I don’t know what I’d be watching him for if he did a comeback, since I watched him for his righteous contents to call out people. For his reaction to cringy TikTok videos? No lah, for that I’ve got Yeolo.

But one thing’s for certain: it seems like the timeline of sagas has always been the same. Accusations, denial, apology and then disappearance or a stronger comeback.


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