Woman in M’sia Dies After Falling Into a Wok of Hot Oil While Cooking in Her Hawker Stall

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When we think of street food, most of us will probably have nothing but good memories.

Unfortunately, that’s not going to be the case for this Malaysian family.

Malaysian Woman Died After Falling Into Wok of Hot Oil

Across the causeway in Malaysia, a fried banana fritter vendor fainted on Sunday (13 March) while tending to her stall.

This caused her to fall right into the wok of hot oil that was used to prepare the food, with her face and upper body being completely scalded by the hot oil.

The 74-year-old female Penang vendor, Zhong Bixuan, had apparently fainted at approximately 3pm that day while frying bananas for her stall.

After falling into the wok of hot oil, she suffered serious burns on her face and body. She soon succumbed to her injuries later that night after being sent to a hospital.

Nearby residents immediately called for an ambulance upon seeing what had happened to Zhong.

According to Malaysian Chinese daily Kwong Wah Yit Poh, a resident claimed that Zhong was in so much pain that she could not speak. The resident also mentioned that the woman felt as if there were thousands of hot needles that were piercing through her skin.

Prior to this, Zhong had been selling banana fritters for over 30 years.

Future Plans for the Stall

After the tragic accident, one of Zhong’s sons, identified as Chen Zhenping, accepted an interview by local media.

He told the media that his 80-year-old father was manning the stall with his mother at that point in time, and he believed that his mother fainted due to the intense heat from frying the bananas.

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As for the future of the stall that has lasted for over two decades, Chen explained that he is currently managing his own banana fritter stall in Seremban as well. Hence, Zhong’s store will be closed for now before Chen makes other plans for it in the future.

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