PSA: You Cannot Delete Your Threads Account Once You’ve Registered, Unless You Delete Your Instagram Account


Threads are trending in Twitter.

Image: Twitter

If you can’t laugh at that joke, you must be new to Threads.

And if you’ve indeed not jumped on the bandwagon, then this might interest you: once you’ve created an account, you can’t delete it.

Unless you delete your Instagram account, that is.

Kind of reminds you of Google Plus, but anyways.

PSA: You Cannot Delete Your Threads Account Once You’ve Registered Unless You Delete Your Instagram Account

Meta’s Threads app has been welcomed with open arms, much like a new hawker centre in a foodie neighbourhood. Over 10 million users signed up in the first seven hours of its public launch. That’s faster than a kiasu Singaporean queuing for a Hello Kitty plushie at McDonald’s, or literally any Taylor Swift fans now.

I’m sure you read the terms and conditions before you—oh, wait.

You didn’t.

According to its privacy policy which you’ve agreed, “You may deactivate your Threads profile at any time, but your Threads profile can only be deleted by deleting your Instagram account.”

Cue the BBQ le music, please.

Threads and Instagram: A Marriage More Binding Than a BTO Purchase

All of us have jumped onto Threads using our Instagram accounts because, as of now, the only way to create an account on Threads is to sign up using your Instagram account.

So, there’s no workaround if you want to use a unique username and account. It’s like trying to get a free plastic bag from NTUC FairPrice now – just not possible.

One option, if you’re just dipping your toes into the Threads waters, is to create a new Instagram account from scratch and use it to log into Threads. That way, your main Instagram account wouldn’t be affected

But honestly, with the number of people on Threads now, I won’t be surprised if, in the future, it might be linked to our Singpass.

Oh wait. Is it linked? Is that mentioned in the terms and conditions?