Man Assaulted Delivery Woman After the Clothes He Bought Online Aren’t the Correct Colour

What do you do when the products you ordered online aren’t the same as what you expected?

You cried and promised never to buy from Taobao again, but would do so the next day.

This uncle decided to settle the score with the delivery woman instead.

Man Assaulted Delivery Woman After the Clothes He Bought Online Aren’t the Correct Colour

A 55-year-old delivery woman related her story to Shinmin Daily after being treated unfairly.

On 15 July 2022, she had gone to a hawker at Blk 209 along in Kovan to deliver some clothes that a hawker had bought online.

The 56-year-old hawker, who sold noodles, looked at the clothes and claimed that the colours were wrong: he had ordered clothes that were supposed to be red and black, but the clothes, he claimed, weren’t the correct colours.

He had bought five pieces of clothings than from a Facebook seller.

According to the delivery woman, he got so aggressive that he grabbed her neck, injuring her. The police had to be involved, she had to seek medical attention after that.

So, why had the hawker assaulted the delivery woman?

It’s a Cash on Delivery Purchase

The police might’ve often encouraged cash on delivery (COD) to avoid scams, they might not have expected that a violent incident could’ve arose due to COD.

According to the hawker, he felt that he was being treated unfairly, because he had to pay the $100 before he was being allowed to check the clothes.

Thus, after paying up, he checked and upon realising that the colours were incorrect, he immediately stopped her.

And because the delivery woman was “short”, he had grabbed her by the neck, which caused the injury.

As for why he had used force, he claimed that she’d be gone if he hadn’t grabbed her tightly.

Eventually, the hawker was still not given a refund, and the hawker is still pursuing the matter, saying that he’d take legal actions.

Which you’ve got to wonder: would it be against the delivery woman or against the company?

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