Delivery Food Rider Allegedly Pretended To Be Involved In An Accident To Cheat Hungry Family

Delivery food rider doing something again? Let me bring out my #Gra-

Hold on, hold on, this time it’s a FoodPanda rider.

But instead of stealing shoes or a towel, it’s straight up money.

Charged Twice for Popeyes

The original post can be read on Ms Jasmine Tan’s Facebook post. This happened on 4th July 2019. 7 pm, she ordered Popeyes from Waterway Point. The app estimates 7.30 pm delivery to her residence at Punggol, but even until 8 pm, it wasn’t delivered.

FoodPanda’s app, however, shows food delivered at 7.45pm, which isn’t true, so she messaged chat on the app.

At 8.15 pm, the rider finally arrived, but was “limping with some scrap blood on his knees”.

He claimed to have got into an accident at Oasis Primary School. Apparently, he was involved in a hit and run accident where a Mercs driver hit his escooter, resulting in his current state and a “damaged” order.

The rider also claimed to have gone back to Popeyes to reorder the food and asked Jasmine to pay cash for the 2nd order.

He allegedly told her that FoodPanda will refund the additional charge within 6 days.

Image: Jasmine Tan Facebook

Because Jasmine’s children are hungry, she didn’t think too much and her husband came over from their neighbour’s house to pass S$34.10 cash.

Then, Things Went Wrong

At this point, Jasmine is still on the FoodPanda chat, but the chat person spoke to the dispatch team and said the rider claims to not have taken any money.

Image: Jasmine Tan Facebook

With no headway, they decided to escalate the matter.

They Made A Police Report

Being hangry at what happened, they woke up their kids to make the police report.

Image: Jasmine Tan Facebook
Image: Jasmine Tan Facebook

According to the officer, this is a cheating case.

The rider is a Chinese male with tattoos on his legs, about 20-30 years old and wore gold rings, gold bracelets and necklace.

Later on, Jasmine was contacted by other people who were also scammed in the same manner with the same story.

Image: Jasmine Tan Facebook
Image: Jasmine Tan Facebook

Alright y’all, it’s time again for…

Order! Order in the court!

Image: LastWeekTonight YouTube

So, let’s address the elephant in the court.

Just because there’s one FoodPanda rider stealing doesn’t mean the rest of them are baddies. Maybe the larger problem here is that there is a minority of people who felt like they have to live dishonestly in order to survive in Singapore.

With that said, let’s tackle some things in the case…


When I first read the story that the rider came limping with blood I was in my mind going


Image: Giphy

But reading further it’s clear that the rider probably didn’t actually look super injured. One of the other victims also said that the wounds didn’t look fresh.

So here’s a suggestion: if a similar situation arises just call an ambulance first. If it’s a real accident, you did a good job of calling for help. If it’s fake, the rider might panic and reveal his ploy.


What actually happened to the food in the end? Did the incident ruin FriedChickenThursday or did they get a new order later?

Was Jasmine shown the “damaged” order? Damaged means what? FoodPanda rider took 2 bites then throw on the ground? Or he just throws the food into the rubbish bin and says the food is inedible?

As someone who cares about food, let’s talk about the forgotten victim of this incident: the chicken(s) who died and didn’t even manage to get into anyone’s stomachs.


Cluckens was a proud chicken. It knew it didn’t have long to live nor was it meant for great things. But it did know something. It was meant to be eaten.

And Cluckens was proud of that.

For one, Cluckens wasn’t told it will be sent to McDonald’s to be ground up as McNuggets. NO! Cluckens is to be eaten whole.

‘I’m not settling to be eaten as an SFI chicken! I will aim to bring happiness to kids awaiting FriedChickenThursday! If my only fate is to be eaten, then I will be the BEST god damn fried chicken!’, Cluckens told itself as it vigorously fed on the chicken feed. 

Little did it know, that its sacrifice and vigour will be forgotten by society, only to be tossed into a trash bag and buried under Semakau.


Cluckens, you will be missed.

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