Grab Food Delivery Rider Claims Woman Kicked Him After He Said ‘CCB’ to Her


The strangest things can become viral in Singapore.

From road rages to a Roll Royce driver hogging up the entire line, to arguments out on the streets, anything can be said, and anything goes.

On Tuesday (19 Jul), TikTok user @idonuttcare shared a video which he entitled “First time meeting crazy SG Karen”.

In urban dictionary, a “Karen” is a slang term for an obnoxious, angry, entitled, and often racist middle-aged white woman who uses her privilege to get her way or police the behaviour of another.

The Back Story

In the video description, @idonuttcare writes a near-essay to explain what happened before the video was taken.

The original poster had been waiting for the lift since he was carrying a bike with him, but a middle-aged couple suddenly cut his queue and blocked his way in. As a result, @idonuttcare swore at them, saying “CCB” (Hokkien profanity) before he squeezed into the lift with them anyway.

In response, the woman threatened to call the police, and @idonuttcare told her to go ahead and “call la”.

This made the woman incredibly upset, and she even tried to punch @idonuttcare, but she was stopped by her husband before she could lay a hand on him.

Then, “out of nowhere”, she manages to kick the original poster.

@idonuttcare isn’t the type of person who takes these things lying down either, so he turns the table and states that he was going to call the police instead because she assaulted him.

The middle-aged couple refused to stick around, and the matter should have ended after the husband apologised profusely.


But lo and behold, both parties were heading towards JCube, which is when the video started filming.

The Outburst in The Video


It all started because i said “CCB” when they both cut the q to the lift and block my way in, but i still squeeze in anyways 🌚🌚😂😂😂 she then say “i call police” to which i replied “call la” then she get super upset. She wanted to punch me then the husband stop her or the father idk la. But out of nowhere she manage to kick me. Told her to stay i call police coz she assualted me but they dw. The husband/father knew what she did and thats why he was super apologetic all the way. Anyways i was going to jcube and they also go that direction so i take video lor just in case then this happened #fyp #sgkaren #grabrider

♬ original sound – idonuttcare – idonuttcare

As the film is rolling, the woman’s husband tells the food delivery rider, “You’re a gentleman.”

He asks @idonuttcare to stop pursuing the matter and to ignore his wife’s outburst by saying, “Give me face, don’t care her.”

Halfway through the video, the woman starts filming @idonuttcare as well.

The husband attempts to alleviate the tension by making small talk with the food delivery rider, asking him if he came from a polytechnic or university.

Wait, why?

Image: The Len /

However, their interaction displeases the wife as she shouts at him in rapid-fire Mandarin, “Stop touching him otherwise I’ll turn on you!”

The TikTok user then tries to reason with the woman, stating that he “never [did] anything]” but the woman replied angrily, “You never do anything but you called me CCB.”

Lady, you need to chill out.

The two parties eventually go their separate ways. The couple heads for the nearby NTUC FairPrice supermarket while the TikTok user laughs off this strange encounter as he walks closer to JCube.

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Netizens’ Response

As of writing this article, the video has garnered more than 82,800 views and 160 comments.

Quite a few commenters feel sorry for the husband for having to put up with the wife, though it appears he knows who he married and is well-aware of her hair-trigger temper.

Even then, the netizens can’t help but feel sympathetic since the husband is the main reason why the incident is smoothed over. He’s the one who apologises and tries to be friendly to make everything less tense.

The wife is less than appreciative of his efforts, which is evident from how she suddenly turns around and all but demands that he stops talking with @idonuttcare.

Besides that, there were others who felt that @idonuttcare should have dropped the matter and given the middle-aged couple a chance, or at the very least, go around them to prevent the conflict from escalating.

Choosing to film the “SG Karen” only served to inflame her nerves even further and worsen the situation. The original poster could have chosen not to do it.


“Live and let live,” says one netizen.

Conversely, there were some users who felt that@idonuttcare should have called the police if the woman really did hit him.

One comment even reads, “This type of karen don’t need give face one. Self entitlement higher than the empire state building.”

@idonnutcare personally responded to the comment that told him to call the police, saying that he didn’t contact the police in the end because the husband kept apologising and told him that his wife had issues controlling her temper.

Ah well, small mercies that a small argument wasn’t brought to the police’s attention.


They have their hands full with all the knife attacks happening recently, thanks. 

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