Dog Led Police to Traffic Accident That Led The Rescue of 2 People

Most of us have heard or at least know of the story of Hachiko, a Japanese Akito dog known for his unfaltering loyalty as he waited for his already deceased owner, Hidesaburo Ueno, at the train station without fail for nine years.

This story features a dog too.

Unlike Hachiko’s tale of tragic loyalty, however, the yellow German Shepherd called Tinsley might just go down in history as a hero for guiding the police to save his injured owners.

First Sighting of Tinsley

Around 10pm on Monday (3 Jan), a German Shepard was first sighted on Interstate 89 between Vermont and New Hampshire.

Police were quickly alerted of the dog’s presence on the road, fearing that the dog would become a vehicular obstruction or get into a road accident.

Lebanon Police Chief Philips Roberts noted that the dog seemed to be in a bad spot when they arrived, and despite the polices’ or strangers’ attempt to corral the dog, the German Shepherd continued to maintain its distance of two to three metres from everyone who approached it.

Discovery of a Mangled Vehicle

After attempting to catch Tinsley for a few minutes, the dog started to run towards Vermont.

Upon following the frightened dog, the police were quick to realise why the dog had been on the side of the road.

There was a mangled and overturned truck at the side of the interstate. There had been two people inside the vehicle before it rolled over and ejected its passengers, which led to both individuals suffering serious injuries and hypothermia from the cold weather outside.

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Perhaps it was just pure instinct for the dog to look for help somehow, even with the chaos of lights and vehicles on the Interstate, but Tinsley had succeeded in finding people who could rescue its owners while it couldn’t with its four limbs and muzzle.

The New Hampshire State Police and Lebanon immediately called for emergency medical services just outside of Hartford to come rescue the scene, as well as some assistance from the Vermont Police.

It is unknown who the lucky owner of Tinsley is, but the two victims in question were the driver, Cameron Laundary, aged 31 from North Hartland, and his passenger, Justin Conners, aged 40.

Both men are expected to survive from their accident.

Currently, the investigations for the cause of the vehicular accident are still ongoing.

A dog is certainly a man’s best friend; all thanks to Tinsley’s quick wit and steadfast loyalty, the two men will live to tell the tale.

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Featured Image: Facebook (New Hampshire State Police)