Xiaxue Discloses How She Uncovered The Identity of @sgcickenrice


The NOC Saga may be over now, but the piping hot tea-spilling from Xiaxue sure hasn’t.

Many of us may remember how Xiaxue released an exclusive interview with NOC’s Sylvia Chan, and even more of us will remember how Xiaxue pulled out her inner Sherlock Holmes to deduce the identity of @sgcickenrice, the anonymous Instagram page that started it all.

In the recent episode of Mediacorp’s #justswipelah, Xiaxue discloses all her secrets to internet sleuthing, so that we, too, may someday become expert investigators like herself. (Spoiler alert: she didn’t actually do the sleuthing herself.)

We Have an Anonymous Informer to Thank for This Exposé

With all the jokes about Xiaxue being the Singaporean Sherlock Holmes, you can understand my disappointment when she revealed that the screenshot of @sgcickenrice admin’s personal TikTok, which revealed his account’s profile picture, was actually sent to her anonymously when the saga first started.

However, she didn’t act on her suspicions and investigate the matter further, as she was busy with her video of Sylvia’s interview. Her team, though, was much more kaypoh than her and decided to investigate the matter further, eventually finding more evidence that led to her viral TikTok exposé.

Lesson learnt: behind every successful Holmes…is an anonymous informant and nosy friends.

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A Bigger Issue Than Just Internet Drama

The co-guest of the episode, Lee Teng, pointed out that the admin behind @sgcickenrice was familiar with NOC, and that the anonymous informant must have been familiar with @sgcickenrice as well.

The episode host Hazelle related it back to the rising trend of artistes airing their dirty laundry publicly on social media, such as the Show Lo and Grace Chow drama, or the recent Wang Leehom and Lee Jinglei feud.

While social media is a good avenue to voice out one’s concerns and make themselves heard, airing your dirty laundry online never ends with any winners—except the viewers of the drama who are happily sipping on the tea. (This doesn’t only apply to high-profile artistes, but also regular people like us.)

To friends and influencers alike: maybe don’t use social media to air out your personal grievances next time, if you don’t want your frenemies to start sharing screenshots anonymously to expose you. Just saying.

On a more serious note: although we got lots of entertainment from this drama, it also brought to light the issue of unfair employment practices and the importance of proper HR management.


I mean, we’ve all got our fair share of cranky bosses and working overtime occasionally, but hurling vulgarities and unfair payment… the line has to be drawn somewhere.

If you face any harassment at work, you can seek assistance from the Tripartite Alliance for Fair and Progressive Workplace Practices (TAFEP), or read more about it here.

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Featured Image: TikTok (@xiaxue)