Don’t Say Bojio: 1-For-1 Starbucks Drinks from 5 to 9 March

Yay, it’s Monday!, said no one never with such enthusiasm in the history of mankind.

Luckily, we are blessed with coffee, giving us just enough energy to survive Monday.

And now, Starbucks is rolling out a 1-for-1 promo for our caffeine-deprived souls.

The promo is from 5 March – 9 March, 3 -7 PM and applicable to their Venti-sized drinks.

Simply screenshot the video (above) when both Starbucks drinks are on screen and show it to the barista.

Voila, you will be walking away with 2 Starbucks drinks for the price of one.

Terms and conditions apply.

Here’s the interesting takeaway: usually, for any 1-for-1 offer, the promotion is from 3 to 5 pm.

But this time, it’s from 3 to 7 pm, a whopping 4 hours –  perfect for working adults who need their caffeine after work (not sure why you’ll want that, but anyways).

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