Don’t Say Bojio: $1 Hashbrown ‘Coins’ in MOS Burger

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If you foresee yourself running out of food to eat during the CNY period, please remember this article.

While there are many F&B outlets who have decided to take a little CNY break, our trusty MOS Burger will remain opened during the period.

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Personally, I love MOS Burger, because I don’t feel that I’m eating unhealthily.

Perhaps it’s the less-oily fries, or maybe the bun/rice…

If you were to make me choose between Mac or MOS to eat for a week, I’ll definitely choose the latter.

Recently, MOS Burger celebrated their 25th anniversary and introduced the Hokkaido Salmon Rice Burger.

Image: MOS Burger Singapore Facebook Page

It’s basically a whole meal on its own!

Rice? Check!

Fish? Check!

Veggie? Check!

Boom! There you have it.

I’m so ready to devour the whole thing…

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Are your taste buds activated too?

Hold on!

Crispy savoury poatato found in golden brown prosperity coins 😋😋😋 get your hands on these with every purchase of Hokkaido Salmon Rice Burger for just $1 😍 #mosburgersg #cny2018 #hashbrowns #whatsforlunch

Posted by MOS Burger Singapore on Monday, 12 February 2018

Why not top up $1 for a packet of “coins”?

It’s at half price yo!

And most importantly, you can never go wrong with…

Image: Imgur

But do take note that the $1 offer only comes with every purchase of the Hokkaido Salmon Rice Burger set meal.

Happy pre-CNY!

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Featured Image: MOS Burger Singapore Facebook Page