Don’t Say Bojio: Free KFC Egg Tarts When You Buy Honey Sesame Chicken 5 Pc Meal (Until 14 Feb)

It’s Valentine’s Day and you walked up to the counter with your girlfriend like a boss.

We have a reservation for two.

“Uh…I’m sorry, sir?”

Grandly, you waved your hand, about to forgive that irritating server who is making you look bad in front of your girl…when said hand was grabbed in a crushing grip.

Turning to your girlfriend, you gulped, “yes, dear?”

“You’re telling me…you’re bringing me to KFC for V Day?!”


Her grip turned tighter, if that’s even possible.

“Didn’t you want to try their honey sesame chicken?”

Your hand was about to drop off from blood loss when suddenly, an angelic voice interjected:

“Sir, you’re looking to order the 5 pc honey chicken sesame? You’ll get two free egg tarts too!”

And just like that, your girlfriend starts making out with you right in front of the counter, with hands in places inappropriate to mention in this article.

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Because FREE egg tarts.

Okay, fine. We know that won’t happen.

No, not the free egg tarts part. The part where she forgives you easily for bringing her to KFC on Valentine’s Day.

But hey, if you happen to have a girlfriend who doesn’t mind mucking around with you on Valentine’s Day, KFC just so happen to be giving out free egg tarts.

Here’s what you got to know.

KFC Giving Two Free Egg Tarts With Every 5 Pc Honey Sesame Chicken Meal

If you’re a regular purveyor of KFC, you’ll know that while their mashed potato isn’t all that great, their egg tarts are to die for.

Well, guess what? KFC is looking to celebrate Valentine’s in style.

From 8-14 Feb 2018, if you order a 5 pc Honey Sesame Chicken Meal from KFC, they’ll give you FREE 2 PC Portuguese Egg Tarts.

Yes, the honey sesame chicken that the folks at HWZ think is pretty nice.

Valid for dine-in/takeaway AND delivery (buddy meal), all you got to do is to flash a screenshot of the picture below:

Or use the promo code ‘KFCLOVESU’ at their automatic kiosk or through their online ordering system and you’ll get to redeem your free egg tarts.

Not too bad, right?

And for those who call in to order via 6222 6111, just tell the operator that KFCLOVESU.

Okay, I’m just kidding.

Anyway, the 5 Pcs Honey Sesame Chicken Meal consists of: 5 x Honey Sesame Chicken, 2 x Coleslaw, 2 x Mashed Potato, 2 x Sjora Drinks and, of course, 2 x FREE Portuguese Egg Tarts.

Not a bad deal, aye?

Online netizens are complaining, why 5 pieces?! Like that confirm fight liao lor.

Well, I’ll bring you that famous line from the Hokkien song: Each one half, your feelings will never disappear.

You’re welcome! 😉

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