Don’t Say Bojio: Royal Sporting House Warehouse Sale Up to 80% Off Till 9 Sept


I have three pieces of good news for you.

One, the HSR is not cancelled, just postponed. Two, It’s Thursday. T.G.I.F, people! It would be best if you have bosses who believe in the power of four-day workweeks.

And three, I have news about this warehouse sale happening in Singapore right now.

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No matter whether you’re looking to motivate yourself to exercise or looking to replace your stuff because you’ve exercised too much, this is the place you need to be at this weekend.

Royal Sporting House

Everybody knows Royal Sporting House, right?


No matter whether you need a pair of running shoes, some tennis racquets or an Adidas bottle to keep you hydrated on your 24 metres run, you can get everything at Royal Sporting House.

Normally, they’re affordable enough for normal Singaporeans but guess what? They’re about to get even cheaper.

In the form of a mega warehouse sale.

Royal Sporting House Warehouse Sale Happening This Weekend

Image: Royal Sporting House Singapore Facebook Page

From today until 9 Sep, make your way down to Royal Sporting House Mega Warehouse Sale at Macpherson.

At the warehouse sale, expect up to 80% OFF on sports merchandise from brands like Nike, Adidas, Reebok, Speedo, Asics and more!

So no matter whether you’re looking to run…

Image: WAYHOME studio /

…to swim like my colleague…

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Image: Tropical studio /

…or competitive biking because no more oBike.

Image: imtmphoto /

You can find everything there.

And the best part?

The warehouse sale is going to carry so much stock you’ll be spoilt for choice there. After all, that’s what they said on their own Facebook post.

If you can’t read, here’s what they’ve commented:

Dear valued customers,

We seek your kind understanding that due to the high volume of stocks at the sale, we are unable to reveal the designs that are available, nor check on the stock / size availability of what you are looking for.

You are advised to drop by early for the sale, so as not to miss out on the great offers!

Thank you. 😊

Although given Singaporeans’ tendency of swamping a place whenever world star or sale is happening, you might want to make your way to the warehouse sale as soon as possible anyway.

Remember what people said about achieving your goals? If you put money into something, you’re more likely to achieve it. Because to Singaporeans, nothing’s more painful than attacking the wallet.

Which is why, if you really want to have a good start to your 2019 new year resolutions, this could just be the place that’ll do it for you.

Interested? Here are the details:

  • Where: 190 Macpherson Road (S) 348548
  • When: 6 – 9 Sept 2018

See you there, fit kia!

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