DotS is Having a Taiwan Remake & It’s Reportedly Requested By Their Government


Last Updated on 2017-07-09 , 12:32 pm

Okay, I’ve got to admit this: when everyone was talking about Descendants of The Sun, I suddenly have an urge to put on the dusty uniform in my storeroom and walk around Orchard Road, because someone might just call me Big Boss (and I will feel shiok).

Ever since Descendants of The Sun aired, it has sort of raised morale in South Korea soldiers. Well, if it does so even for a Singaporean, I can’t imagine the effect it has in Korea.

And this is what Taiwan aims to achieve: remaking a Descendants of The Sun based on the Taiwan military.

Yeah, you didn’t read it wrong: the plan to produce a Taiwanese version of Descendants of The Sun comes from Taiwan’s Ministry of National Defence.

According to reports, the goal is to improve the military’s image and morale. Tentatively titled The Best Choice (最好的選擇), it’ll have a budget of about SGD$600,000 and will be directed by award-winning director Liang Hsiu-shen.

For comparison’s sake, the production cost of Descendants of The Sun is at a whopping SGD$15 million.

To add authenticity, some of the actors will be real soldiers in the military.

Here’s what is interesting: the show, other than being shown in mainstream TV channels (which means we Singaporeans might not get to see it), will also be streamed in Facebook. Yeah, that means we get to watch it, too!

The main lead, who will also be a special forces commander, is played by Allen Chua, who served as a Military Policeman (MP) during his NS days.  

The female lead would not be a doctor—instead, she is a music teacher, played by Phoebe Yuan.


And just like Descendants of The Sun, there’s a second couple, played by Kao Shan-Feng and Ann Wei-Ling


Filming has started last month (April 2017), and the show will air in September 2017.

And I’m going for my ICT on August 2017.

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