Downtown Line 3 Official Opening Day Also Suffered Delays. The Irony is Strong, Man

There’s a saying by a wise guy in Goody Feed: when one gives you something for free, don’t ask for more.

Seems like the lady luck from SBS Transit swear by this, because during the first day of Downtown Line 3 opening, social media has been peppered with posts about its delay.

Now, it won’t have made it to any news outlets should it be just another delay: after all, train delays have become such a norm that people sometimes compare it to cai png uncles giving the wrong change.

Here’s the kicker: a week ago, during the Open House of Downtown Line 3, there was a disruption as well. Back then, the abrupt, and very unexpected, disruption was announced online on the SBS Transit official Twitter account.

Now, one week later, people weren’t expecting any disruption, because it should be swee swee, right?

First day + disruption before. The formula so far is looking good.

Also, trips on the new line would be completely free today (21 Oct) and tomorrow (22 Oct). They should be preparing for the load, eh?

Guess they didn’t say it’ll be free from train faults.

Since this afternoon, social media users has been the unofficial announcer of the disruption, because a check on SBS Transit Twitter shows this instead.

Oh, cool. Last post was made three days ago.

Now, check out what social media users are saying.

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And because crowdsourcing has become the next big thing, there’s a Facebook group catered to announcing real-time disruptions.

Information is provided by any Facebook user, and people there have now “stood in” for SBS Transit to help us make an informed decision of whether to go for the free rides or not.

So far, it seems like the correct term to describe it is “delays”. Commuters are facing delays up to fifteen minutes (or maybe 10.5 years).

But it’s okay lah. I always have my trusty Uber. Moreover I’m in Bukit Batok so it won’t affect—


Argh. I would really like to throw some cheese pie at some trains now.

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