Driver Went MIA After Crashing into Bus Stop at River Valley Road


After crashing into a bus stop at River Valley Road, the driver left his car in the wreck and ran.

Here’s what happened.

Skidded and Crashed

The accident happened at 6am today (24 November), at a bus stop near the junction of Clemenceau Road and River Valley Road.

The police stated that the dark grey car is believed to have skidded, and then rammed into the bus stop. However, by the time officers arrived, the driver had already fled the scene.

They are currently trying to locate the missing driver. Investigations are still ongoing.

Left Bus Stop In A Wreck

A picture sent to Shin Min Daily News depicts two police officers in front of the dark grey car, which has rammed up the curb and landed itself at the bus stop.

A safety bollard can be seen crushed under the car:

car crashes bus stop
Image: Shin Min Daily News

Another picture of the bus stop shows a different safety bollard that has been ripped off from the ground, landing in front of the stone benches. It seems like the crash’s impact took out two safety bollards, with only one surviving:

car crashes bus stop

The stone benches seem to have also sustained some damage, with the top part of the bench falling off. A support pillar also seemed to be damaged.

Image: Shin Min Daily News

Thankfully, since the bus stop is pretty remote and the accident happened in the early morning, there weren’t any casualties reported.


Eyewitnesses said that they only spotted police officers there with no ambulance.

Since the driver fled, there was nobody left at the scene for paramedics to attend to.

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Bus Services to Continue As Usual

According to Shin Min Daily News, bus services for that bus stop will reportedly operate as usual. Buses will still stop at that bus stop for passengers to board and alight.

Several workers were spotted cleaning up the bus stop shortly after the incident at about 7am.

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