Driver Picked Up Wrong Passenger & Got into the Weirdest War of Words

In the practice of Uber and Grab, passengers are able to book a trip and make known their destinations to the driver in advance before picking them up. What if the passenger boards the wrong car, and the driver fetches the wrong passenger? This incident will remind you how easy conflict begins with just a simple misunderstanding. 

War of Words 

In the video taken by the passenger, the passenger demanded the driver’s number just because he didn’t confirm that he was the driver that was supposed to pick her up. The driver, which simply acknowledged when she asked for the confirmation, didn’t realise that he had picked up the wrong passenger until the war of words begin. (wow)


Many netizens were upset over the passenger as she was continuously recording the argument between them and even threatened to complain the driver. Others were baffled by the passenger’s attitude towards the driver. What seemed ridiculous was that as a passenger, she was supposed to check out the driver’s plate number before boarding. By pushing the blame completely to the driver, it doesn’t deny the fact that the passenger was also at fault. After all, it takes two hands to clap, doesn’t it?

One weird factor is that the passenger was sitting in the front seat–does that mean she’s on a carpool? But then again, the driver was using a GPS…hmm…

But the weirdest part of the argument is what happens at the end: the passenger dashed off, telling the driver to close the door himself.

Seriously, why so angry?

Check out the video

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