Drunk Man Fell into Little Guilin Lake & Was Rescued By Passers-By

A drunk man accidentally fell into Little Guilin Lake but was rescued by passers-by.

Here’s what happened.

Fell Into Little Guilin Lake While Drunk

At about 9 pm on 30 January, a drunk 30-year-old man was in Bukit Batok Town Park when he fell into Little Guilin Lake. The park is structured so one can walk along the banks of the lake, which was probably how the man accidentally fell in.

According to NParks’ website, the park is lit from 7 pm to 7 am.

But when you’re drunk, I guess no amount of lighting can help.

Thankfully, some passers-by spotted the man and quickly rescued him. Witnesses said the man reeked of alcohol and suffered several bruises on his body, but he was generally unharmed.

Many police cars and ambulances arrived at the scene soon after and conveyed the man to the hospital. The Singapore Police Force has not yet commented on this incident.

Image: Shin Min Daily News

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What’s Little Guilin?

For those who may not have been to Little Guilin before, it is a town park in Bukit Batok.

Many locals call it Little Guilin, or Xiao Guilin in Chinese because it resembles the granite rock formations in Guilin, China. Created from an unused granite quarry, it features towering rock cliffs that overlook a tranquil lake.

Here’s a picture of Guilin, China:

Image: Travel China Guide

And here’s a picture of Little Guilin:

Image: NParks

The area is especially popular with photography enthusiasts and couples looking to take wedding pictures.

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Featured Image: Shin Min Daily News, NParks