Drunk People Forget Where They Park their Car in an Empty Car Park & It Went Viral

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CNY is just round the corner and I’m sure most of us are prepared for the good food!

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Of course, what is CNY celebration without some alcohol?

But please lah, if you want to drink to your heart’s content then make sure you make the necessary arrangements.

Don’t wake up in some ulu area where you can’t even hail a taxi. Get a friend or a family member to pick you up, or just drink at home.

But remember, don’t drive if you’re drinking!

I really hate people who do that. Why are you putting innocent lives at stake?

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In this video that I’m going to talk about, I am not sure if the drunkards were going to drive, but let’s just assume that they were not alright?


Posted by Arwind Kumar on Thursday, 4 January 2018

This highly-shared video uploaded by Facebook user Arwind Kumar shows a (drunk?) man taking on the role as a narrator.

Two girls are trying to find their car after drinking but they forgot where they parked it.

Personally, I’ve cultivated the habit to take a picture of where the car is parked at so that I don’t have to rely on my limited brain space.

The trio and a few other friends were walking around in an almost-empty carpark, looking for the vehicle, but to no avail.

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They also tried asking the security guard….yes they did.

I’m not sure how he’s supposed to know where people park their cars but I guess this is the kind of stuff you do when you’re drunk.

The guy in the video kept on giving funny (but yet honest) commentaries on how ridiculous the whole situation is.

He even threw his jacket on the floor to show his bochap-ness to the whole situation.

The two girls in the video also tried to show off some “diva” moves to the camera, which obviously shows that they’re not as worried as they should be.

This video should in no way be an example for the Internet to follow, but do check it out if you’re in for a hearty laugh over dumb people doing dumb things.

New year new me?

More like new year same stupidity.

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