Dyson Founder’s Family Office Hiring People in S’pore

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If you can’t name one Dyson product off your mind, you’re very irrelevant and you should be ashamed of yourself.

Just kidding.

No, but really though. 

Image: Engadget

Every woman knows the wonders of the Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer and Dyson Airwrap. Every man knows to get a Dyson Vacuum Cleaner to make household chores a breeze.

That makes everyone a fan of Dyson!

Image: Dyson Instagram

Spearheading technology in enabling household appliances to be both efficient and effective, Dyson is officially hiring people here on our sunny island. Here’s another job to add into your dream list.


Image: Giphy

Earlier this year, James Dyson (the founder of Dyson, if it’s not already obvious enough) officially announced the relocation of his head office to Singapore from the UK.

As such, Weybourne Group Ltd is currently looking to set up a strong team in Singapore. For your info, Weyboure is basically the parent company of Dyson. The other company in the group is a farming business, so obviously we’re not invited.

And of course, to confirm, Dyson has posted job openings on their website, mainly looking to hire the best of the IT and finance industries in Singapore.

Image: Tenor

If you’re looking for a job, we suggest you send your resume in RIGHT NOW.

Tell us how your interview goes, we’d love to know if you receive a free Dyson equipment. Or if you’ll enjoy any staff discount, so that we can be friends.


Image: Dyson Instagram

James Dyson & Singapore

Being UK’s second-richest person, James Dyson has a net worth of about US$11.9 billion. Which probably explains his spending in Singapore, that people like you and me will probably never experience.

Image: Tenor

Last October, James Dyson announced that he will start producing electric cars in Singapore.

He then bought the most expensive penthouse in Singapore for $73.8million at Wallich Residence earlier in June.

Shortly after, he bought another bungalow in Singapore for $45 million because why not.

Are you angry at someone now, and can’t get him or her out of your mind? Well, watch this video and you’ll know what to do next:

Well, at least this guarantees that you are just going to keep thriving if you join his company, even when recession comes!

A Perfect Place To Set Up Family Offices

Do you know that Singapore is one of the best places in the world for companies to set up their family offices?

This is credited to the high standard of living, strict privacy rules and wide range of international tax treaties.


Our political stability and function as a trading hub also contribute to our sunny island being a great place to set up an office in!


Image: Giphy

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