Elderly Did ‘Guard Duty’ to Catch a Person Who High-rise Litter

Have you heard of stories where people throw things down high-rise buildings and injure those below?

Recently, there was some weird person that was throwing things down an HDB block.


Residents were aware of the situation and hoped to catch the culprit ASAP.

There were some elderly who formed a ‘guard team’ to help catch the person. They even took turns to be on duty!

Power lah!

According to Lianhe Wanbao, residents of Cassia Crescent Blk 52 started to notice things being thrown down the building on Dec 6, Wed.

The police started to investigate the matter the next day.

They then proceed to seal the open car park on Friday. In addition to that, they sent officers to guard the area.

All these efforts were to no avail, as they still couldn’t catch the culprit after many days.

What’s unbelievable is the fact that a sealed car park and 20 24hr CCTVs didn’t stop the culprit from throwing some of the strangest things down.

Ceramic cups, aluminium cans, even a mahjong table……


Many residents are worried that the culprit’s crazy actions can hurt those below walking past the building.

To aid the police in their work, 5-6 residents formed a small team to take turns ‘guarding’ the area.

An unnamed resident revealed that a bunch of aunties and uncles divided the work load among themselves. They will take turns to be on ‘watch duty’ and change shift at 5pm.


When the area was visited again on Dec 11, 65-year-old Mr Tan said that there was no noise the day before. He also suggested that the police employ their dogs.

It was known to be the first peaceful night since the littering started.

Some residents think that the culprit may be mindful since the police were watching from everywhere.

Wah but this person shouldn’t throw the things down sia…I think can sell leh!

Ok but jokes aside, if the culprit can throw a mahjong table who knows what he or she will throw next?

Next time you walk past a high-rise building and see something that doesn’t belong there, do look out above you.

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