Everything About the Bomb Threat at Evergreen Sec That’s Now Confirmed to be False


Although primary and secondary schools carry out fire drills every year, it’s extremely rare for a fire to actually break out.

It’s even harder to imagine that there might be bombs going off at an institution meant for nurturing and learning.

The Time and Place

On 21 July, at around 7:40am in the morning, the police were alerted to an alleged bomb threat at 11 Woodlands Street 83.

The police responded swiftly, arriving at Evergreen Secondary School to do a thorough sweep of the school premises.

Meanwhile, the school staff and students remained calm and followed the evacuation protocol accordingly.

All of the students that were already present in school were fully accounted for, and they were asked to return home out of precaution.

Parents were also informed via the Parents Gateway app to not send their children to school.

The Police Investigation

Fortunately, the police later declared that it was a false threat.

No threat items were found during the security checks.

The police stated that they will be looking into this case under the United Nations (Anti Terrorism Measures) Regulations 2001.

A male teenager is assisting them in their efforts.

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Education Minister Chan Chun Sing’s Response

In response to the false bomb threat at Evergreen Secondary School, Minister for Education Chan Chun Sing wrote in a post on Facebook, “The police take all security threats seriously, and will investigate persons who intentionally cause public alarm.

Afterwards, he thanked the police for their swift response.

“Teachers are checking in with students on their well-being, and school counsellors are on standby to assist any student if required,” he adds.

He also said that the safety of the students and staff are of paramount importance. As such, the Ministry of Education (MOE) will not condone any threat or action that may endanger the schools.

The MOE has pledged to “take necessary action against anyone who causes public alarm”.

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