Subway Gives Woman A$2,664 After Viral Story Of Her Being Fined for Half-Eaten Subway Sandwich


One of the most interesting yet boring jobs to have is probably the security officer that sits behind the baggage checking station, because who knows what the travellers have stored in their bags?

They’ve probably seen some really weird things, and then a half-eaten chicken sandwich pops up on the screen.

Fined A$2,664 For Undeclared Chicken and Lettuce

Australian TikToker, Jessica Lee, was fined A$2,654 for bringing a half-eaten sandwich into Australia without declaring its content.

While unintentional, she technically flouted the country’s strict biosecurity law and paid the price for it.

In an earlier TikTok video, Lee admitted that she bought a a footlong Subway at Changi Airport as she stopped at Singapore for a layover before she had to board another flight back to Perth.

Since she spent 11 long hours on the plane, she was really hungry. She ate half of her Subway and saved the rest for later.

Unfortunately, she forgot to document the contents of her sandwich on the declaration form.

“I didn’t tick chicken, and I didn’t tick lettuce. Chicken and lettuce!” she exclaimed.

With how ridiculously hilarious the entire situation is, it goes without saying that the video went viral.

Currently, the video has over 93,100 views.

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Gift Box From Subway

Subway Australia clearly heard her plight as it sent Lee a gift box later.

In a new TikTok video posted on 18 July, Lee can be seen unboxing a A$2,664 Subway gift card, thus fully covering the amount she was fined.

The bottom of the Subway greeting card read, “We hope this covers all your chicken and lettuce needs. Love, from your Subway fans.”

Honestly, it may be a paid promotion, but it’s a pretty good tactic.

The video was also captioned, “Subway makes my fine worth every single cent” and her post description said “basically free subs for a year”.

Besides the thoughtful gift card, Lee received a whole bunch of freebies as well.


There was a subway hat, shoelaces, one scrunchie, two pens, stickers, bottle opener/magnetised coaster, a pair of socks, cookie keychain, playing cards and a tumbler.

They clearly gathered every Subway merchandise they had on hand and shoved it into a box.

Image: (@_jessicaleeee)

At the end, Lee declares, “Subway, you have outdone yourself. And this fine is worth every single penny.

“You can best guess what I’m getting for lunch and dinner tonight,” she added.


Replying to @subwayaustralia ARE YOU KIDDING?! 😩😻😻 basically free subs for a year #fyp #subwayfine #subway #eatfresh

♬ original sound – Jessica Lee

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Featured Image: TikTok (@_jessicaleeee)