Woman Appears as Victim Outside Clinic But New Video Shows She Could be the Villain


On Monday (18 Apr), a Tiktok video capturing a dispute outside Everhealth Family Clinic & Surgery went viral.

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As of writing this article, the video has gained more than 751,500 views.

Contents of the Video

The video begins rather abruptly and violently, and without any context.

We merely see the staff of the clinic, dressed in a pastel blue shirt and white skirt, kicking away the pram in the fit of anger.

Image: tiktok.com (@jenny_lethu)

It’s hard to tell what they’re arguing about since the adults are shouting instead of having civilised conversation, with the boy’s hoarse voice interjecting and trying to break up the quarrel.

After listening to the video’s audio multiple times (rest in peace eardrums), there are a few snippets that are vaguely discernible.

The mother first asks, “What are you doing?!”

The boy then raises his hands and pleads with the clinic staff, “Just stop talking, just stop talking.”

There’s a low conversation that gets lost in the noise, but the clinic staff glares at the mother fearlessly as she dares her to call someone. Considering the nature of the argument, the mother probably threatened to report the staff’s rude behaviour to the police. 

The mother is equally unwilling to back down; she starts sifting around her blue bag for her phone, only for her poor son to stop her by grabbing her arms which eventually shifts into a protective hug.


Afterwards, the clinic staff points upwards and retorts, “We have CCTV, okay?”

“[But] why are you being so rude?” The mother demands.

The clinic staff quips back as she raises a bunch of pamphlets to the mother’s face, “Why you throwing this one? Why [were] you throwing this?”

All the while, the boy shouts “we will clean up” three times in a hoarse voice.

Image: tiktok.com (@jenny_lethu)

The staff clinic directs her attention to the boy and says in a less aggressive voice, “No, you don’t understand.” She says something else, but broken English and bad audio makes it difficult to decipher.

“Why are you so rude to the customer, I don’t understand. I want to come and ask why you give me this MC, [and] why you’re so rude.”

In response to the mother’s query, the staff clinic gestures at something pasted on the door. She talks about something five something, which grants the patients a 5-day MC.

The mother finally cuts off the conversation with a threat, “You know what, I’m going to report about you and your clinic.”

The staff tells her to go ahead, believing that she’s in the right because she has the clinic’s CCTV footage to prove that she’s done nothing wrong. 

Even then, there’s no reason to kick the pram away in such a violent manner.


More Parts of the Video Comes to Light

Courtesy to SG Clips, we were finally able to understand what happened before the entire debacle outside the clinic.

Part 2 of the saga features a recorded call that a man makes to Everhealth Family Clinic & Surgery to inquire about the full circumstances.

It’s still the same receptionist who’s answering the call, and while she sounds annoyed and unwilling, she eventually answers the questions after some prodding.

Apparently, one of the patients was diagnosed with acute respiratory infection, which immediately grants them a five-day MC.

Since we’re in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, which largely involves infection in the respiratory tract and lungs, it makes sense that the medical institutions would rather be safe than sorry.


The mother, however, declined the MC, stating that she didn’t want it.

How the rejection of the MC ended up causing a loud dispute is still up in the air though, since the clinic staff was reluctant to address it.

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Part 3 of the saga is the CCTV footage, which takes place before the viral Tiktok video.

The original video was taken down from Tiktok, but SG Clips snagged a copy and uploaded it as a YouTube Short.

It’s quite likely that the clinic had handed over the CCTV footage after the caller from Part 2 asked for it, since there are obvious cuts in the conversation in Part 2, either to skip past the awkward pauses or to edit out something.


Although the CCTV footage’s quality is sketchy at best, and it’s completely silent, it doesn’t take a genius to know that the staff and mother were arguing about the prescription and medical leave.

Before the mother storms out of the clinic with her son in tow, she smacks some objects off the table, to which the receptionist may or may not have given the mother the middle finger.

Image: youtube.com

Alas, that’s not the end, since the mother proceeds to throw the pamphlets that were placed outside the clinic, which angers the receptionist enough that she stalks out of the clinic to confront the mother once more.


With all that’s being said and done, it’s evident that neither side is innocent in this story.

The mother had instigated the argument first by being unreasonable inside the clinic as she refused to accept the verdict from the doctor’s consultation, and lashed out by knocking over items on the counter and throwing the pamphlets at the receptionist.

The receptionist was no better, since she allowed her anger to get the better of her, such that she kicked the pram away the moment she stepped out of the clinic.

Ironically, the boy might be the most mature and level-headed person in the entire situation despite being a child as he valiantly attempts to placate both sides by begging them to stop arguing and promising that they would clean up the mess they made.

Whereas the person taking the video in the first place…


Some netizens have opined that it’s more than likely that the video taker is related to the mother and son in some way, because the person filming was obviously only a few steps away from the arguing duo when the video starts, though they slowly inch away from them.

The video was deliberately taken; it wasn’t just some random passer-by who happened to stumble upon the argument, and it should be noted that around the 13-second mark of the first video, the mother notices the person filming, but doesn’t say anything about it.

Image: tiktok.com (@jenny_lethu)

If there’s anything to theorise, it’s possible that the mother had thrown those pamphlets to bait out the irate receptionist—to which she succeeded—and the receptionist fell for the ploy, hook, line, and sinker, by kicking the pram and lambasting the mother.

Nevertheless, the receptionist’s lack of professionalism does leave Everhealth Clinic & Surgery with a bad reputation, and she lost more than the masked and unidentified mother.

A glass of water stained with ink might be diluted with additional pouring of evidence that slightly justifies her actions, but the receptionist is still wrong for the way she reacted.

At the very least, it has proven that the mother is not as innocent or helpless as she was originally portrayed in the first video. 

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Featured Images: Tiktok (@jenny_lethu) & YouTube Short (SG Clips)