Everything About the OG Founder’s Grandson Harassment That’s Like a TVB Drama

As with most of us, my mum brought me to OG departmental stores frequently when I was a kid.

She would bring me along as I held on to her arm, trotting behind her as she shopped for clothing or household appliances.

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At the end of her shopping, she would bring me to the Toys section as a reward.

She didn’t even have to buy me anything; I was happy enough to be able to window shop around my dream toys.

But once in a while, she would buy me whatever I liked most and I would be overjoyed for days.

Yes, the word “OG” is filled with fond memories of my childhood, and having my mother buy stuff for me because I’m now a poor adult who can’t afford anything for himself.

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If you’re looking to go down to an OG branch soon, here are 10 facts you could read up on.

OG has had a relatively good reputation thus far, but it’s always a matter of time before a big company’s name hits the news’ headlines in an unpleasant manner – even if the business itself has nothing to do with the case.

OG Founder’s Grandson Harassed Lover’s Husband

Yeah, this case involves the grandson of the founder of OG. It has nothing to do with OG at all, actually.

But the media will do anything to bait some clicks, eh?

Wait, what? We did the same thing in our article title?

Shhh… moving on…

The man in question, Kelvin Liu, was found guilty of harassing a civil servant Desmond Tay in between June 2016 to January 2017.

Evidently, Kelvin was having an affair with Desmond’s wife while he was married to another woman himself.

Not only that, he even harassed Desmond repeatedly after being called out on it.

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Wow, right?

Here’s everything you need to know.

Desmond Hired A PI After Kelvin’s Wife Informed Him

Apparently, Kelvin’s wife (at that time) somehow knew about the affair.

She reached out to Desmond and informed him of the relationship between their respective partners in May 2016.

She claimed that Desmond’s wife (at that time), known only as Lin, was going on an overseas trip to Hong Kong in June.

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He then hired a private investigator and found out that Kelvin’s wife’s allegations were true, and their trip happened on 7 to 10 June.

Sounds like a Hong Kong drama, eh?


Group Chat Was Created Between The Four Parties

After being confronted, Lin denied that she was cheating on Desmond.

To clear things up, he then created a group chat with all four involved parties, naming it “Confessions of Marco Polo”.

Image: Giphy

Maybe I’m not educated enough to understand that there’s perhaps some reference there, but it’s fair to say that Desmond Tay had a flair for the dramatic.

Harassment Ensued

Things escalated in the group chat quickly, as Kelvin started calling names such as “idiot” and “wayang king” at Desmond after denying having an affair with Lin.

Kelvin then also sent pictures in the group chat – which included a topless photo of Desmond, which the latter believed was a display of power by Kelvin that he had leverages over him.


Kelvin also allegedly sent a photo of another topless man with his face obscured, which Desmond believed was a photo of Kelvin himself to show that he had a much better physique, justifying Lin’s cheating.

Lin Filed For Divorce And Married Kelvin

After all the drama, Lin filed for a divorce with Desmond in August 2016, causing him to file for a defence and counterclaim due to her adultery.

According to The Straits Times, she has since married Kelvin.

Gotta make you wonder, since they were so in love and prepared to marry, why even try to (pathetically) hide the cheating?

Kelvin has also been fined $3,500 for the harassment and the case has been adjourned to 13 August for the issue of costs.


Despite this case having nothing to do with OG, its reputation surely has taken a hit due to the founder’s grandson.

So much for 虎父无犬子, eh?

Translation: Tiger Dad No Dog Son

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