Everything About Windfall, the New Movie That Just Dropped on Netflix


Ever wondered what you would do if you are caught in the act?

Windfall presents that question for the audience to contemplate when a robber gets interrupted by the very people that he’s trying to well, rob, when they drop in unexpectedly at their luxurious vacation house.

This film was dubbed as “a Hitchcockian thriller” by Netflix. Being ‘Hitchcockian’ means to have a resemblance or characteristic of the filming style of Sir Alfred Hitchcock. So those are some big claims there.

(Also a great alternative for fans of Lily Collins to see her act in something other than the hit series Emily in Paris.)

The Story of Windfall

It’s not a story unless the plan goes wiry. In the case of Windfall, the robber who is played by actor Jason Segel (aka sweet, loving Marshall from How I Met Your Mother) breaks into a tech billionaire’s vacation home and finds himself involved with the tech billionaire played by Jesse Plemons and his wife who is played by Lily Collins.

As the robber grapples with being caught by the couple, he attempts to turn the situation in his favor by getting the couple to give him money in exchange for their safety.


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Since it’s a thriller, I’ll spare the details and not give too much away.

But the film is definitely up the alley of those who are fans of a theatrical set-up as the story progression relies heavily on the interactions between the three characters and less on the aesthetics like cinematography.

Think of the film like The Meyerowitz Stories (directed by Noah Baumbach) that carry their stories through the character interactions and dialogue.

As the couple begins their negotiations with the robber to find their way out of the robbery safely, conversations about their personal relationship and their class status in relation to the struggling robber trigger watchers of the film to ponder on more.

Image: YouTube (Netflix)

More on the Production of Windfall

If the star-power of acting star Jesse Plemons has yet to convince you to watch the film, know that the same writer behind the neo-noir psychological drama film Se7en had co-written in this Netflix film.

Furthermore, this also marks Segel’s comeback into movies ever since his last feature in the 2014 comedy-romance movie Sex Tape. Bonus too is seeing Emily being elsewhere other than in Paris as Lily Collins flexes her acting skills that were proven remarkable in other beloved pieces such as Love, Rosie and her controversial method-acting for the 2017 Netflix film To The Bone.

Image: YouTube (Netflix)

But also, watch the film if you are curious to find out exactly why it sucks being a rich, white guy these days as said by Plemon’s character in the Netflix film.

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