Everything You Need to Know About The Adam Project, a New Movie That Just Dropped on Netflix


If Free Guy was your type of wheelhouse, then get psyched about The Adam Project, because it is also being directed by Shawn Levy and starring the one and only Ryan Reynolds.

Except compared to Free Guy, The Adam Project has more sci-fi elements that involve quantum physics, time travelling, a fast-paced and thrilling action sequence of fighting futuristic soldiers, and some heart-warming family reconciliation.

Of course, Ryan Reynolds’ usual sarcastic and witty schtick is a mainstay, but now doubled, because Adam Reed—the main character of the movie—gets to meet his 12-year-old self who is both chagrined and pleased by what his future self has become.

Mostly the part where he overcomes his own medical condition and manages to get laid.

Children are simple creatures, what can we say? 

Synopsis of The Adam Project

According to the very brief synopsis given to the new Netflix film, it reads, “A time-travelling pilot teams up with his younger self and his late father to come to terms with his past while saving the future.”

While short, it pretty much sums up the entire plot of The Adam Project.

To give a more in-depth description, Adam Reed from 2050 steals a time-travelling plane and crash lands in 2022, in the backyard of his old home to meet his 12-year-old nerdy and asthmatic self, who is portrayed by the adorable and talented Walker Scobell.

Image: youtube.com (Netflix)

True to Shawn Levy’s style, we are quickly informed of the circumstances:

2050 Adam Reed escaped from what he described as a “dystopian hellhole” and had aimed for the year 2018 only to fail, in an attempt to stop time-travelling from ever being invented.


While Adam Reed and his younger self are trying to accomplish this, they are constantly being chased down by Maya Sorian—played by Catherine Keener—who has made herself the most powerful woman in the future by manipulating time-travel.

Other Notable Cast Members

Besides the snarky Ryan Reynolds, we are joined by Zoe Saldaña, better known for her role as Gamora from Guardians of the Galaxy, who plays Laura, Adam Reed’s current and future wife.

True to her form, she’s kickass in the movie as per usual.

Image: youtube.com (Netflix)

For Laura Reed, she had been purportedly Killed-in-Action during a mission to 2018 in the future, but she later features in the film when older and mini-Adam manage to jump back to 2018.

We’re treading near spoiler territory here, so I’ll keep this part brief.

And while it’s meant to be a surprise (not really since it’s shown on the posters and trailer), we come find that Mark Ruffalo is playing as Adam’s father Louis Reed, a brilliant quantum scientist whose life’s work technically created time travel through his breakthrough particle accelerator invention alongside an algorithm that he had written.

Image: youtube.com (Netflix)

Going back to 2018 is crucial, because that’s when Louis unveils his invention and later meets an unfortunate accident that takes his life, which allows one of his collaborators Maya Sorian to take advantage of his creation.

Logic Holes and Entertainment Value

Judging from the premise alone, it’s evident that the film tangles with a lot of complicated concepts.

Whether it’s the relativity and linearity of time, the logistics of quantum physics enabling time-travelling, none of it is really explained well but that’s not the main point of the movie.

The director Shawn Levy only wants to entertain, hence why the film progresses at breakneck speeds that keep audiences at the edge of their comfortable beds, with stunning visuals and fighting sequences to match.


However, that doesn’t mean that Ryan Reynolds doesn’t point it out subtly in his own unique fashion.

For instance, the younger Adam asks older Adam, “Do you remember this, I mean this is happening to me and it already happened to you, right? Unless it works like a multiverse, where each ripple creates an alternate timeline—”

Older Adam interrupts him, “It’s not a multiverse. My god, we watched too many movies.”

Which is honestly a funny reference, considering how Zoe Saldaña (Gamora), Mark Ruffalo (Bruce Banner/Hulk), the actress of Adam’s mother Jennifer Garner (Elektra from Daredevil), and Ryan Reynolds (Deadpool), are all part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

It pokes and references to some other movies if you’re quick enough to spot it. The writers, who are definitely movie buffs, must have had a hell of a time writing out the entire script for sure. 

The case in point is: just enjoy the film for what it is, without bringing in too much expectations or fixed coherency like the first few films in the The Terminator or Doctor Who.


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Emotional Moments

One of the aspects that The Adam Project differs from other movies is that one of its themes revolves around familial relations.

For the older Adam, he had never truly come to terms with his father’s death even after so many years, until his sentiments towards his father—what he had created, who he was—had become a complicated topic, to the extent where he began to resent Louis and convinced himself that he hated him.

His younger self, who sees things in a simpler manner offers his own wisdom, telling the older Adam that it’s easier to be angrier than it is to be sad, but it seems like his older self has forgotten the difference.

Image: youtube.com (Netflix)

That’s the very heart of the movie.

Going back to savour and live in those precious moments, without having to worry about the future or the consequences.


Treasuring what is in front of you, letting go of the cynicism and pessimism, and being happier and carefree, because your perspective of the world is all framed and can be changed with a single thought.

The most valuable resource on earth is time,” Adam says, and it’s true.

Reviews by Other Sites

On Rotten Tomatoes, the Tomatometer based on reviews gives the movie a 70%, but the audience score is 81%.

The score for The Adam Project on IMBd is 6.8/10.

The Guardian rates it 3 out of 5 stars.

However, putting the general reviews aside, whether you think the 106 minutes of The Adam Project is deserving of a watch, or if it was enjoyable, is ultimately up to you to decide after you’ve seen it.

The Adam Project was released on 11 March 2022, and is currently available on Netflix. 

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