Everything You Need to Know About Pokemon GO Buddy System in 60 Secs


Previously we wrote about our disappointment with the latest update because, well, we wanted to battle our friends.

But really, after reading into and anticipating the new Buddy System that is said to be live now, it seems there’s a silver lining to every cloud after all.

Okay, make that a huge silver lining.

You’ll get why in a moment.

No More Desperately Rushing to Places for Rare Pokemon

If you’re someone who’s not totally crazy about Pokemon strength, catching one Snorlax is good enough for you.

No more taking Uber and rushing to a spot before the rare Pokemon disappear in a bid to improve its strength.

After all, all you got to do is walk around with your Pokemon and you’ll get candies.


Yes, just like that.

Get Pokemon Candies as you walk around with your best bud

Image: kotaku.com
Image: kotaku.com

Here’s what you got to do.

Click on Player Icon > Menu > Buddy

It’ll let you choose a buddy, and based on which Pokemon you’ve chosen, you’ll need to walk between 1 to 5km for a piece of candy.

Your buddy Pokemon will only appear as a icon with your character on the map, except for Pikachu which will stay by your side like Ash’s.

In case you’re curious, we’ve compiled a list of our favourite Pokemon and the required walking distance for candies

Bulbasaur to Venusaur / Charmander to Charizard / Squirtle to Blastoise (3km/candy)

Image: YouTube (Professor OAK)
Image: YouTube (Professor OAK)

Be prepared to walk 375km to fully evolve these evolutions.

Snorlax (5KM/Candy)

Image: gamefaqs.com
Image: gamefaqs.com

A CP growth of 627 per kilometre.

Dragonite (5km/candy)

Image: giphy.com
Image: giphy.com

A CP growth of 705 per kilometre.

Aerodactyl (5km/candy)

Image: guidir.com
Image: guidir.com

A CP growth of 436 per kilometre.

Killing Two Birds with One Sto

Most will probably give up, saying they’ll never walk that distance.

But here’s what we think.

Time to break out those sports shoes because it’s like a buy one get one free right now.

Not only do you have the chance to catch Pokemon when you’re out, you’ll get to grow some candies as well.

The full list of Pokemon GO buddy chart can be found here.


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Featured Image: kotaku.com

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