Everything About the SMU Ceiling Collapse in 60 Secs


I try not to reminisce about my uni days; I have mentally blocked that period of my life.

If I do take a trip down memory lane, preferably with a bottle of gin beside me, all I can remember is dreading to go for lectures, especially if they were in the morning.

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As I drag my feet to lecture, I would pray to all the gods—Buddha, Lord Vishnu, Allah, and Jesus—in hopes that a ceiling would fall on me, so I can be excused from lectures throughout the semester.

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Unfortunately, I did not experience anything like that but I can’t say the same for the students in SMU.

Staying true to the headline here is a quick rundown on what happened under 60 seconds!

4:55 P.M.

According to the Straits Times, Mr Afiy, a gym supervisor ran out after hearing a loud bang.

“I saw parts of the ceiling had fallen, and the water pipes could be seen,” he said.

“There was a pungent toilet water smell. Luckily no one was coming out of the toilet or the student lounge,” said Mr Afiy.

SMU basement ceiling collapses

Collapsed ceiling in the basement of Singapore Management University's School of Information Systems, seen in a video circulating on social media.

Posted by Channel NewsAsia on Tuesday, 24 October 2017

5 P.M.

According to the Straits Times, a false ceiling at SMU collapsed yesterday.

Luckily no one was hurt, and I am sorry for those jaded students who thought they could miss their lecture.

Image: Straits Times

An SMU spokesperson told the Straits Times that the collapse was caused by a leaky pipe above the ceiling causing the water to seep through it.

A student who wished to go by the name of Ms Y told the Straits Times that she noticed water leaking from the ceiling at a section of the corridor beside the study lounge.

5:15 P.M.

According to Mr Afiy, the area was sealed off.

Students had to access the other end of the concourse via the library block across campus.

Image: Jonathan Choo / Straits Times

An SMU employee told Channel NewsAsia, “I noticed it was super dark and wet underfoot. And it smelled kind of funky.”


Is that code for “smells like shit”?

5:40 P.M.

Suction machines were used to clear up the water and there was a crowd (I assume it’s the guys from building maintenance) sweeping away the water that has spread across the area, the Straits Times reported.

6 P.M.

The area was once again accessible!

I can imagine the students be like:

Image: tumblr.com

SMU told the Straits Times that they will take measures to rectify the area as soon as the investigations have been completed.

Not the first time.

Two months back, a false ceiling in a lecture hall at NTU collapsed as well.

Surprisingly, a lecture was conducted in the hall after the collapse—wah, NTU really no chill.

Ceilings shouldn’t be collapsing; we should be collapsing from all the lectures, assignments and exams instead.

Just saying!

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