Everything About the Snake Lurking in Upper Thomson Office Toilet Bowl


There are three things that scare me the most— flying cockroaches, having to sit for the O-Level and slimy reptiles.

Snakes have to be worst ones in the reptile family. The way the move around without legs (what kind of sorcery is that), their evil-looking eyes and the way they flick their tongue and spray their poison.

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I largely blame the media’s portrayal on snakes. Is there ever a friendly snake?

The Basilisk in Harry Potter is basically a monstrous serpent and not forgetting Lord Voldemort’s pet/horcrux—Nagini

Image: tumblr.com

Don’t forget about Kaa from The Jungle Book, that cunning man-eating python.

Image: nerdistindustries.tumblr.com

How about the movie Snakes on the Plane or Anaconda?

Image: yahoo.com

So you can only imagine my horror when I heard someone saw a snake in the toilet.

Image: janethelame.tumblr.com

And no, I am not talking about Taylor Swift.

Imagine after a heavy lunch and you want to do some releasing, and you see a snake in the toilet bowl. I don’t know about you but that is one sure way to cure my food coma.

That’s what happened to a fellow Singaporean last week.

According to The Straits Times, Mr Jimmy Lim, manager of Scotts Motors at Upper Thomson, spotted the python in the toilet bowl.

It wasn’t the first time he came across it, as he saw it the week before. He did not report it as he assumed it would slither away.

If you ask, one week is far too long. The python probably made the toilet bowl its home.

He is one brave soul as he told The Straits Times that he isn’t scared of it as he is a frequent jungle trekker. But he did alert his neighbors so that they won’t be startled or hurt by it.

His daughter (I guess bravery runs in their genes) actually posted a video of it.
Take a look:


I legit had goosebumps while I watched it.


Deputy chief executive officer of Acres (Animal Concerns Research and Education Society), Mr. Kalai Vanan, told The Straits Times that it was a reticulated python, which is common in Singapore (wait, snakes are common here?!).

He also mentioned that storm drainage networks are home to wild animals like snakes.



The next time I am taking a dump, I am definitely going to pre-flush, just to be sure.

But if you ever encounter a wild snake or an animal, don’t be all brave and try to be a hero.

Call the Acres wildfire-rescue hotline (9783 7782) or the AVA (1800-476-1600). Alternatively, you can check out their website for more information.

And do what good guy Jimmy Lim did: warn others about it.

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