Woman Gave Birth in Public Like She’s Passing Motion; Baby Dropped on Ground

Giving birth in public seems to be an ongoing fad in China.

If you weren’t aware, there was an incident whereby a woman had given birth in public standing up, AND walked home with her baby and damn groceries right after.


And then there’s this. It’s like a cross between the woman above, and the China woman who had shitted in public.

A 2 minute 16 seconds long video of a woman pulling down her pants to give birth in broad daylight went viral on the net, making its way onto various Taiwanese and Hong Kong media websites, as well as Youtube.

Details are unclear, but the video was believed to have been uploaded only recently.

Alright, before I show you the video, I would like to put a disclaimer: it’s highly graphic, and if you happen to be eating right now, I suggest you throw away your food. NOW.

If you’re taking a dump, well, here.

For those travelling on public transport and with absolutely zero mobile data to spare, here are some pictures to get you up to date.

You’ve been warned.

This woman had felt labour pains outside what seemed to be a street shop in China. Instead of waiting for the ambulance to come, however, she pulled down her pants and ‘whoosh’, the baby came popping out.

It was so smooth and slick you would have thought it was ‘sai’ coming out, and not a baby who can be called Sai.

In fact, it makes you wonder how people could ever have constipation issues.

On a serious note, I couldn’t help but cringe when the baby fell, because it was at such an awkward angle. The loud ‘thud’ sound didn’t help either. Fingers crossed that the baby will be alright.

Here we have the woman squatting next to her newborn, and if I didn’t know better I would have thought that she had a bit of shit left in her bowels and thought, “Aiya give birth already; lose all face le might as well clear my load also.”

Fortunately she wasn’t, but the look she was directing at her baby spelled out just how shocked she seemed to be.

Can’t be helped, I guess; it’s not everyday you see someone giving birth in public. And it’s definitely not everyday you’re the one doing it.

Notice that the umbilical cord is still attached.

At this point, passersby have surrounded her and were shouting, “Hurry, hurry! The baby is going to die! The cord is strangling the child’s neck!”

I just remembered this guy in my BMT, who’s pretty famous for cracking ‘dead baby’ jokes.

Thank goodness he wasn’t there.

Oh look, a kind auntie seems have shared my thoughts. “Eh, eh, she’s gonna pang sai liao. Give her something quick!”

Alright she actually provided the rice sack for the mother to sit on. Kind gesture, auntie.


The mother’s finally recovered enough to act, and the first thing she did was…

Shift her purse away from her newborn.

I can just imagine her ranting to her kakis: “My purse expensive you know? My hubby bought it for me just the other day. If kena blood how? You pay ah?”

I don’t know why her accent sounds so Singlish here, but yeah.

According to other media reports, some passers-by allegedly called the police for assistance after the incident.

A bit late, don’t cha think?


When EBC News and Apple Daily broke the news with reports, netizens were absolutely enraged.

Here’s a rough translation of the more prominent comments.

“This healthy infant may become disabled because of her! This mother really has issues.”

“Even if the infant survives, he may only be half alive. Such a heavy fall; I can feel the pain while watching it. This mother must be mentally unstable.”

“Luckily other mothers knew how to manage the situation.”

“Seriously speaking, the baby’s mother is heartless.”

“Allowing the newborn to be exposed to this much bacteria is dangerous.”

“I hope the police will arrest this mother.”

It’s unclear whether the mother faced any disciplinary actions after the controversial incident.

It’s also unclear whether the baby suffered any injuries from the hard fall onto the ground and long-term exposure to bacteria.

If we get hold of those pieces of information, we will make sure to update you guys.

What is clear, however, is that giving birth in public is a no-no.

Just like how shitting in public isn’t right.

You know the drill right? #Idontwannapointfingers

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