Everything About the Standard Chartered Marathon Hiccup in 60 Sec


Last month, my colleague talked about the YOLO Run fiasco that triggered most of the participants.

From its 1-hour delay to the runner’s bags being haphazardly placed, the whole race was a mess.

Image: www1.flightrising.com

Now, Standard Chartered Marathon—the mother of all marathons—had followed suit yesterday.

Netizens being netizens, they voiced out their disdain on Standard Chartered Marathon’s Facebook page.

There were a couple of hiccups, but let me (try to) break it down to you within 60 seconds.

Baggage deposit area

The baggage deposit area was a bloodbath. People apparently only managed to deposit their bag at 6 A.M., when the race supposedly started at 4:30 A.M.

Image: Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon Facebook Page

There were very few staff at the baggage deposit area in comparison to the number of runners, causing them to be late for their flag-off time.

Image: Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon Facebook Page

Participant, Janice Leong told Channel NewsAsia that she waited 45 minutes to deposit her bag and was late for the flag-off time for the 10km run despite being 15 minutes early.

“I think the time I spent waiting from baggage drop to starting the race, to collecting my bag is even longer than the time I take to complete my race,” she added.

The “I have finished the marathon t-shirt”

So, everyone knows that once you finished the gruelling marathon, you get to keep the finishers’ t-shirt which I have seen on people wearing it to McDonalds…

Image: sgrunners.com

Anyhow, some of them did not get the right sizes despite having indicated their sizes during registration.

Image: Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon Facebook Page
Image: Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon Facebook Page

Now, how would all the contestants be able to flaunt their accomplishment!

Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon mobile app

So the app allows participants to keep track of their progress and it also gives a rough estimation to their loved ones on their arrival to the finish line.

Well, the app was not able to connect to the server and it also recorded the runner’s progress wrongly, Channel NewsAsia reported.

Just take a look the comments from the netizens.

Image: Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon Facebook Page
Image: Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon Facebook Page
Image: Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon Facebook Page

In a way, I get their frustration.

Think about it, waiting for your friend to cross the line on a Sunday morning and you have no freaking clue where he/she is…

So while 48,400 participants were dying yesterday morning, I was still snoozing away. I don’t know where I am going with this…


Like promised, I manage to do it under 60 seconds or so.

All in all, the whole marathon was a big heated mess.


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