Everything About the Stomping Incident in Golden Mile That You Might Want to Know


My mother always said this, even when I was a small boy in pampers: “Don’t stare at other people; it could get you killed.”

But of course, I didn’t listen, because I’m a cool kid, and cool kids don’t listen to their mothers.

After getting a hold of this piece of news, however, I’ve made a decision. Sorry, Mum, I will listen to you forever and always.

Man stomped on because of an apparent ‘staring incident’

On 11 October, at around 3 a.m., a man had assaulted a fallen victim by repeatedly stomping him in the head.

The entire incident which had transpired at Golden Mile Complex was captured on camera.

It was eventually uploaded to popular citizen journalist site, Stomp.


In the footage, a man can be seen kicking a fallen victim’s face. It’s uncertain how the victim was floored in the first place.

The assaulter then approaches another man in black, believed to be the victim’s friend, and lands a punch on him.

He then returned to the victim and delivered a few more kicks, before walking away.

According to the Singapore Civil Defence Force, the victim was subsequently taken to Tan Tock Seng Hospital by ambulance. He was in a conscious state and is reported to have attained severe facial injuries.


How did it happen?

To the Straits Times understanding, the suspect had been there for supper with a friend. The fight had broken out right outside a toilet, after a staring incident.

Both men were believed to have been drunk.

The suspect has since been arrested

The Police have released a statement, declaring that they apprehended a 22-year-old Singaporean male suspect on the night of Oct 14. The incident has been classified as voluntarily causing grievous hurt, and he will be charged today (16 October 2017).

Image: Lianhe Zaobao

The 25-year-old victim, on the other hand, has since been discharged from the hospital.

Netizens were up in arms against the attack

The uploaded video, apart from garnering quite a fair bit of shares and angry emojis, also generated a couple of ire-filled comments.

Image: Stomp Facebook Page

I can’t help but wonder about the bystanders, however.

I’m aware that a drunk man is like a horny lion: he will stop at nothing to get what he wants.

But he’s only one man. Surely numbers would work against him?

Just my two cents worth.

So folks, remember not to stare at others.


Or you might just be…

STOMPed. Literally.

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Featured Image: Lianhe Zaobao