Everything You Need To Know About the Sudden Kallang Preschool Closure in 60 Sec


Song Fanrong… does that name ring a bell?

Yes, the businesswoman (originally from China) who was sued for $9.5 million  by three China businessmen for alleged fraud in March.

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If you have a goldfish memory, here’s what happened in March: according to The New Paper, she was put behind bars for breaching the Mareva injunction for contempt of court as she sold two per cent of her shares in Friedrich Frobel Holding (remember this for now).

Huh? What talking me? Basically, Mareva injunction means that you cannot sell your assets during that period of time as you are under investigation.

The three businessmen were allegedly duped by her as she told them that she could help them apply for permanent residency or citizenship through her connections.

It gets even better, as she claimed that she was the chairman of an association supported by the Government and to top it off, she also claimed her Singaporean husband, Teo Kuei Yang, was the brother of the deputy prime minister.

So the businessmen were definitely shocked to say the least, as they paid her $5.5 million dollars.

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This women is on a roll…roll of lies that is.

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Now, let’s fast forward to today.

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The Straits Times just reported that The Froblel preschool in Kallang, part of Song Farong’s kindergarten business (Friedrich Frobel Holding…now you can put two and two together) is shutting down at the end this month, making it the third preschool under the Friedrich Frobel Holding’s umbrella to cease operation (the other two were Namly Place and the Froble preschool in Sembawang).

This has definitely caused a kerfuffle among parents of more than 30 children, who are seeking alternative placements for their kids.

Parents have also reported some shady shenanigans as well.

Allegedly, some parents have not received their deposit fees, including a parent who is still waiting for her deposit return— over $2,000.

A parent whose kid used to be in the now-defunct preschool in Sembawang, also faced similar issues, claiming that the school did not return her deposit fees and subsidies summing up to $2,300.

When the husband was contacted in regards to the deposit fee, he said, “I can’t comment because I am not with the Company’s management, and also not a shareholder.”

Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA) is already monitoring their other operating preschools and has already taken legal action for not serving up a 6-month notice when ceasing operation of their schools.


Just so you know, Ms Song is currently still in jail, therefore affected parents are advised to seek help from their MP or the police.

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