Everything You Need to Know About the Kia Picanto Overturn in CTE Yesterday (19 Nov)


If you think taking the uber or driving to work seems safer than taking the trains…think again.

Accidents are bound to happen no matter what as long as humans are involved.

What can I say, we are built this way.

Unfortunately, a driver had a “Fast and Furious” moment yesterday.

What happened

According to Channel NewsAsia, on 19 Nov 2017 afternoon, a man overturned his silver Kia Picanto while driving in the CTE tunnel, along the Merchant Road slip road.

Image: Facebook

The driver is a 45-year old man and he was admitted to SGH.

Channel NewsAsia believes that he was the only one in the car and that he sustained abrasion wounds.

How did it happen

I bet the whole thing happened in a blink of an eye (like most car accidents) but someone saw the whole incident unravel.

Eyewitness Melvin Lau who was a few cars behind saw the Kia Picanto hit the curb round a bend and flipped 180 degrees.

Image: jezebel.com

According to Lau, the car was going too fast when navigating the corner.

“After it crashed, the cars behind came to a standstill before trying to maneuvre past it,” he added.

Car overturns in CTE tunnel

VIDEO: Traffic moving slowly around a Kia Picanto that crashed and flipped over in the CTE tunnel. (📹: Mohammad Hafiz)

Posted by Channel NewsAsia on Sunday, 19 November 2017

As you can tell from the video, the car is REKT but luckily no one else was hurt

Not every situation has a profound teaching moment.

In this case, don’t speed when you are coming towards a turn.

Simple as that.


And to please, for everyone’s sake, check your tyre’s tread. They do make a difference.

Image: tireamerica.com

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