Dad of Kid Who Died from COVID-19 Related What Happened Before His Death


On Monday (27 June), the Ministry of Health reported the first death of a patient under 12 years old in Singapore.

To make matters more tragic, the boy was only 18 months old when he passed.

The Words of a Mourning Father

While it has been said that KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital (KKH)—the medical institution the toddler was placed in—has reached out to the grieving family and is helping them through this difficult time, no explicit details were given about the family.

On the same day, Mr Farath Shba, the father of the one-and-a-half year old boy took to LinkedIn to express his thoughts about his young son’s demise.

“These days, it had been difficult. Today, my strong, brave son had passed on to the next world (Dunya) after fighting for his life.

“In this difficult time, I’ve chosen to spend time with my loved ones,” Mr Farath wrote, adding that he won’t be responding to any messages on LinkedIn or social media for a while.

He thanked everyone for their support before signing off.

Image: LinkedIn
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A Father’s Plea

From MOH’s new release, it was stated that the young patient was taken to the children’s emergency department on the night of 21 June.

The boy was running on a high fever with recurring seizures, before he subsequently fell unconscious.

He was admitted into the children’s intensive care unit in critical condition, and was diagnosed with a number of illnesses, namely severe meningoencephalitis, respiratory syncytial virus, and enterovirus.

Severe meningoencephalitis is a neurological condition that causes the brain and the membranes covering the thinking organ to become inflamed.

His polymerase chain test for COVID-19 came back as positive as well.  

While his son was comatose, Mr Farath took to LinkedIn, speaking of what the doctors told him about his son’s condition.

“The doctors are saying his brain is swollen and there’s nothing much that could’ve done to alleviate the swelling which is due to inflammation to save him.”

In a last, desperate plea, he asks for any help he can get.

“My ask: can anyone get me to a neurosurgeon or a medical profession who could save my dear boy please?”


Below the post was a picture of his son, hooked up to numerous tubes and wires beneath a dark blue blanket, eyes closed.

Alas, his words went unheard.

On Monday, Mr Farath wrote on his LinkedIn that his strong and brave son had passed on, despite the fight for his life.

Our sincerest condolences to Mr Farath Shba and his family. 

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Featured Image: LinkedIn (Farath Shba)