Fast-food Chain A&W Changed The Name Of Its Root Beer and Here’s Why


Last Updated on 2017-05-28 , 11:59 am

Whenever someone mentions A&W, the first thing that comes to my mind is their root beer. An alternative to Coke and Pepsi, root beer has slowly but surely, made its way into the scene.

Now in order to become one of the popular drinks out there, it has to get its halal certification in Malaysia. So why does this have to do with changing its name?

Halal Certification

It is announced that Malaysian authorities will not issue halal certification for non-alcoholic “beer” or any product that uses “haram”-related names such as ham or bacon. This includes the use of the term “halal beer”, which went against the manual Procedure for Malaysia Halal Certification (MPPHM). 

Yes, halal food or halal artificial food colouring is also not allowed to use names or names synonymous with confusing terms that refer to non-halal food as well. This was tied in response to some of the beverages that have received halal certification from foreign private companies or halal certification bodies.

The fact that some did not use any halal logo on their products have caused stress on state Islamic departments. Hence, to ensure that beverages do not misuse the Malaysian halal logo on their products, each application for Malaysian halal certification must follow the MPPHM or fatwa decisions and related rules used in Malaysian halal certification. 

This concludes the reason why A&W has decided to switch the name of its root beer to “RB” to get the halal certification for all its outlets.

But honestly, RB sounds good. Don’t you think so?

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