Father Went to Primary School, Claimed Teacher Was Lazy & Threatened to Kill Principal


While parenting might be stressful in today’s society, it’s no secret that teachers these days don’t have it easy either.

And it goes without saying that helicopter parenting is never good for anyone, especially the teachers who often have to deal with stress from parents.

However, a father went to his son’s primary school last year to interrogate his teachers after claiming that his son had suicidal thoughts.

In particular, he questioned if the teachers were “doing enough” for his son and even threatened to kill the principal.

He also spewed vulgarities at them.

Just yesterday (9 February), the man, now 33, pleaded guilty to six counts of offences in total.

His offences include those under various acts, such as the Road Traffic Act and the Protection from Harassment Act.

Three more charges were taken into consideration during sentencing.

In total, the man was sentenced to 13 weeks in jail, a fine of $4,000 and disqualification from driving for ten years after his release from prison.

Out of the penalties, $2,000 of the total fine was issued to him for verbally abusing his son’s school principal.

Here’s what happened.

What Happened: Accused Was Late When Picking Son Up From School But Scolded Teacher and Principal Instead

According to court hearings, the incident with the boy’s principal and teachers occurred on 4 April last year.

As the boy is still a minor, no details about him, such as his school and his father’s name, were revealed in court.

Although the accused was supposed to fetch his son from school at 11.30 am that day, he was late and reached at around 12.20 pm instead.

When he reached the school, he went to the staff room and started questioning the teachers if they were “doing enough” for his son.

He also accused the teachers of being lazy.


After receiving the news that the accused was creating trouble in the staff room, the school’s principal suggested that the accused proceed to the principal’s office to continue the conversation.

Upon hearing that, the accused continued to provoke the principal and teachers.

He started spewing vulgarities and even threatened the principal by shouting that he would kill the principal.

The police were soon informed of the incident and went to the school to provide assistance.

Said that He Lost Control of His Emotions Because of Son’s Mental State

In court, the accused revealed that his son was facing many problems at school, which caused him to start having suicidal thoughts.


The accused then explained that his son’s mental state caused much stress for his entire family, which was why he ended up losing control over his emotions when confronting his son’s teachers and principal.

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Accused Has Been Charged in Court Before

In court, it was also revealed that the accused was once charged with reckless driving resulting in death in the past.

He was sentenced to three months in prison and disqualification from driving for five years in 2020.

However, he was caught speeding while driving a car and motorcycle in January and March 2022 respectively.

He even tried to prevent being caught by attempting to manipulate the motorcycle’s licence plate.

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