This 47YO Woman is a Grandmother, Runs 5 Businesses & Also Won a Beauty Pageant


Last Updated on 2023-03-07 , 11:13 am

While most of us probably don’t watch pageants, some of us might have heard of Laura Lee over the past few weeks.

As the winner of Grandma Universe 2023, the 47-year-old mother of three and grandmother of six recently made headlines with her win in the pageant, which is open to grandmothers worldwide, in January this year.

But that’s not all there is to Ms Lee, who also happens to be the owner of five companies.

Talk about being a girlboss.

And here’s everything you need to know about her.

Got Married and Had Kids at 19, Divorced Ex-Husband After Quarrelling Non-Stop About Financial Issues

When speaking to Shin Min Daily News, Ms Lee recounted how she got married at 19 and had her first child soon after.

She then attained a sales diploma and continued working in that sector.

During that period of time, she gave birth to two more sons.

Due to the increase in her family’s cost of living, she started working two jobs to make ends meet.

However, she and her ex-husband still ended up quarrelling often due to their family’s financial difficulties.

Ultimately, Ms Lee and her ex-husband’s marriage broke up and Ms Lee had to raise her three children alone as a 31-year-old divorcee.

Ms Lee added that it was the “worst time of her life”, but she does not regret getting divorced.

Had to Pay Off a Five-Figure Debt, Did So by Starting a Business

Apart from getting divorced and having to provide for all three of her children, Ms Lee was also saddled with a five-figure debt that she had to pay off.

In order to do that, she started to sell freezer vans and managed to make a monthly salary of around $15,000.

This allowed her to pay off her debt in just a few months.


In 2009, she decided to use $50,000 of her savings to start a shipping logistics company.

She recalled working over ten hours every day when she first started but was able to venture into the frozen food industry as her business improved afterwards.

Regarding her success, Ms Lee acknowledged that she was fortunate to have known many people in the industry who introduced her to the people who helped her expand her businesses smoothly.

Currently, Ms Lee owns five businesses in total. Her businesses specialise in multiple areas such as logistics, supplying, frozen food and more.

Second Time Winning a Pageant, Has No Intention to Compete Anymore in the Future

Just a few weeks ago, Ms Lee was also crowned “Grandma Universe 2023” on 23 January in Bulgaria.


She shared that it is her third time competing in a pageant since 2019 and her second time winning one.

However, she revealed that she has no intention of competing in future pageants.

According to her, this is because pageants are not just about beauty to her.

Instead, she believes that pageants are a way for her to give back to society and do charity work with her win.

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Now, she feels like she has already won for her children and grandchildren, and thus she feels that there is no need for her to participate in pageants anymore.

Ms Lee also expressed her hopes that her life experience will inspire more women to face life more positively.


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