‘Ferrari Woman’ Paid Man $2,000 to ‘Improve Prison Life’ But It Turned Out to be a Scam


In Singapore, we take our law rather seriously. Should you be deviant in committing a crime, there may be a chance that you’ll be thrown behind bars.

In the cell, there are no beds or mattresses. You have to sleep on the cemented floor and even possibly share the space with other inmates.

There are also no fans in case you’re wondering if there’s air-conditioning. So the amount of ventilation in the cell isn’t very high.

Prison life is a time allocated for inmates to reflect on their wrongdoings. The living conditions are meant to be not the best.

However, one lady had the idea of paying someone to improve her “prison life”.

It didn’t go so well.

“Ferrari Woman” Paid Man $2,000 to “Improve Prison Life”

If the name “Shi Ka Yee” doesn’t ring a bell in you, here’s a little refresher.


Below are some of the offences that she has committed between 2014 and 2016:

  • 2014 – Infamous dispute with another road user at Telok Ayer street
  • 2015 – Trapped a worker who tried to cut down her tree after an argument with a neighbour
  • 2016 – Abruptly stopped her vehicle in the middle of Orchard road during peak hour

For those offences, she was sentenced to six weeks of jail and a fine of S$4,500. She has since since served her jail term on 25 October 2018.

But before she served her jail term, something happened.

After reading numerous news article about Shi, a man called Francis Ng Wee Keng decided to “offer some help” for Shi.

He claimed to have known some prison officers that can help make her time in prison easier.

It was all a lie. The whole thing was a scam. Nothing he said was true.

After being released from prison himself in October 2018, Ng was jobless. He arranged to meet Shi in Marriott Hotel.

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Ng promised Shi that he would offer her these:

  • Calling and speaking to the Commissioner of Prison about her case
  • A meet up with two senior female prison officers

However, it didn’t end there.

Ng also sent WhatsApp messages to Shi to request S$2,000. The money would apparently be used to “entertain prison officers”.

According to Ng, the money would ensure that he could build good relationships with the officers so that Shi can have a better prison life.

Moreover, Ng also claimed that Shi could maintain her hair long and not be “bullied” by other inmates.

Well, he was caught, of course.

On Thursday (6 Jan), Ng pleaded guilty to the charge of corruptly soliciting gratification and is slated for sentencing on 18 Jan.


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