Woman Managed to Find Stolen Luggage in Amsterdam By Following Her AirTag

As countries around the world are reopening their borders, more and more people are able to freely travel without worrying about rules related to COVID-19.

However, when a person travels, they are more vulnerable to crimes such as robbery and theft.

This is exactly what happened to Hui Yi, who had her luggage stolen off a train in the Netherlands.

Thankfully prior to her travel, she purchased an Airtag, which she sneakily placed in her make-up pouch.

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Image: Facebook (Lin Hui Yi)

If you are wondering how much an Airtag cost in Singapore, it’s $45 on the Apple website.

Helpful and Friendly Police

In her Facebook post, she heavily attributes the successful finding of her luggage to the Amsterdam Police.

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Image: Facebook (Lin Hui Yi)

She further explains that the police officers were very reassuring and friendly. They also acted very fast upon her police statement.

Upon understanding the situation, the police brought Hui Yi to the address stated on the “Find my App” app, where they had to walk around a small radius to pinpoint the location of her luggage via a sound alert through the Airtag.

May be an image of text that says "T-Mobile-NL 4G SI17 17:26 11471 53% Ζι s116 A10 s115 16 s116 s115 Het HetIJ IJ Items Duffel Nieuwe Leeuwarderweg With You Now Hui-Yi's Luggage 31 3 km minutes ago 六 People"
Image: Facebook (Lin Hui Yi)

After walking for a while, they stopped in front of a house, where the beeping started. That is when they knew they found the luggage.

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Lost Cash and Art Prints

When Hui Yi opened the luggage, she found that half her items were missing. Things such as cash, cards, art prints, clothes and shoes were all gone.

She stated that it was a valuable lesson learnt for her and that she will be taking further precautions in the future to ensure the safety of her belongings.

What is an Airtag?

An Airtag is a device created by Apple to help people keep track of their belongings.

They are small circular devices, which size is the same as that of an average keychain.

The compactness of Airtags allows users to place it anywhere such as in small bags or luggage.

To find the Airtag, one simply has to whip out his or her iPhone and open the “Find my app” app, which will immediately indicated the location of the device.

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Featured Image: Facebook (@Lin Hui Yi)