S’porean Girl Allegedly Molested By Masseuse In Malaysia

When Singaporeans head over to Malaysia, they have two things on their mind: either good food or cheap massages. For a mother and her 20-year-old daughter, it was for the latter.

With relaxation in mind, they headed over to Royal Spa, a massage parlour located in Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur.

However, as the massage session was going on, the 20-year-old girl was molested by the male masseuse.

Stopped the Session Before Things got Worse

According to the mother’s conversation with @Etrangle, an influencer who kindly helped spread awareness of the situation, the masseuse allegedly touched her daughter’s breasts with both his hands and lips.

The daughter then expressed discomfort with the situation, but was assured by the male masseuse that it was a normal procedure.

He even tried to touch the 20-year-old’s nether region, but she managed to stop him in time.

The mother also stated that her daughter is now in shock over the incident and fears that she may be traumatised.

Police Allegedly Did Not Take Them Seriously

After the incident, the mother made a police report at the local police station.

It is stated that the masseuse was detained in the station but only for five hours before he was released.

She also mentioned that while taking their statements, the police officers were joking around and even told her daughter to repeat the incident.

The officers also refused to give the pair a copy of the police statement for unknown reasons.

Thankfully, with the help of @Etrangle, they were able to get an insider to retrieve information on the case.

The “insider” also shared that he has connections to non-government organisations, that can help the 20-year-old in the case where she needs therapy.

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Be Cautious During Massages

Before entering a massage parlour, it is best to check up on which massage places are more well-known for their service and legitimacy.

After making a choice, try to get a masseuse of the same gender, this is so that you may feel more comfortable.

During the massage, it is important to both relax and also be wary of where the masseuse is touching.

An additional note is to have the massage in the same room as your friend or partner so that there is in a sense another person watching out for you during the massage.

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