Flu Season in S’pore didn’t End as Projected ‘Coz #WinterSingapore


Have you been enjoying the chilly weather or under the weather?

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If you are experiencing the latter, you’re not alone.

People are down with the flu

According to the Health Ministry, polyclinics saw an average of 3,158 patients (an increase of 10% compared to last year) with acute respiratory infections every day in the first week of Jan, The Straits Times reported.

So, if you’re down with flu, I hope that piece of information comforts you.

Even private clinics saw a surge of patients—Michael Wong, a family physician at Raffles Medical told The Straits Times that he had seen an increase in the number of patients with symptoms such as cough and nasal congestion in recent weeks.

Is the weather to be blamed?

While it seems easier to put the blame on the chilly weather but cold weather doesn’t really make you sick.

I mean think about it, the weather is not a virus or a bacteria.

So what is the deal?

Well, according to the cluster head of Healthway Medical Group, Dr Lim Chien Wei, the flu season is from September to December but with the recent cold weather, viruses could be able to survive longer.

Dr Wong said, “while a person cannot “catch a chill” and fall ill because of cold weather, the weather could be a factor in helping viruses to spread.”

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“Staying indoors increases the proximity between people. With the increased recycling of air indoors or in an air-conditioned environment, respiratory viruses have a higher incidence of spreading,” he added.

This makes sense as we were all seeking refuge indoors from the rain.

Now, on top of global warming, we have to worry about the extended flu season!

Combat the flu

This goes without saying, but take some vitamin C. If you happen to be down with the cold, you just have to wait it out as viruses can’t be killed with antibiotics.

Just drink plenty of water and have ample rest to alleviate the symptoms or alternatively, you can go and see a doctor.

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